3 Great Moments From Eddie Murphy's Coming 2 America Trailer That Have Me Excited For The Film

Eddie Murphy as Akeem Joeffer in Coming 2 America (2021)

Coming 2 America is quickly approaching its release. It’s hard to believe that after more than 30 years of waiting, fans will finally get to see the long-awaited return of Eddie Murphy’s Akeem, Arsenio Hall’s Semmi and the African nation of Zamunda. Of course, the sequel will see a number of new characters enter the picture, as Akeem learns he has a long-lost son in America who he must groom into a prince. And comedy is sure to ensue as he tries to do so. Ahead of the film’s release, the trailers have done a nice job of teasing audiences, and there are a few moments that have me particularly excited.

1988’s Coming to America has a number of iconic scenes and notable subplots. Based on the trailers for Coming 2 America, the new movie could have its fair share of scenes that could also become instant classics. So let’s take a look at some of the moments from the most recent trailer that have me most excited:

Coming 2 America's barbers

Akeem And Semmi’s Return To My-T Sharp Barbershop

Some of the most iconic moments from Coming to America are the scenes that take place in My-T Sharp, the Queens barbershop run by a group of cantankerous and hilarious barbers. Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall reprise their roles as the seemingly immortal barbers, and seeing them cross paths with Akeem and Semmi after so many years is a joy to behold. And the jokes generated from the group doesn’t seem to have let up at all. Eddie Murphy and Arsenio are seriously bringing their A-game to these performances and both the actors and the writers seem to have kept them all consistent -- and somewhat politically correct. We’ll see what other zingers they dish out when their African colleagues walk back into the shop.

General Izzi in

The Rivalry Between Eddie Murphy’s Akeem And Wesley Snipes’ General Izzi

As mentioned, Coming 2 America is adding a number of new characters, which includes Wesley Snipes’ General Izzi, the older brother of Akeem’s former betrothed, Imani. The initial teaser painted Izzi as somewhat eccentric, but the new trailer hints at him wanting to usurp the throne. This is bound to cause some tension between the two, as evidenced by their uncomfortable encounter in the trailer. But it’s sure to generate plenty of laughs for the audience. Snipes missed out on being a part of the original film and, now, he has a juicy role opposite Eddie Murphy. It’ll be interesting to see how things play out for his character.

Lavelle in Coming 2 America

Akeem And Lavelle Spending Quality Time Together

The biggest new character fans will be introduced to is Jermaine Fowler’s Lavelle, Akeem’s illegitimate son. The Queen’s native seems to like the idea of being the heir to the throne of a wealthy nation, and there’s sure to be a learning curve for him. But throughout his training, it looks he’ll get a chance to bond with his dad and learn from him. It’s also apparent that Akeem will be learning from his new son, who -- with help from his uncle -- attempts to teach the royal how to be cool. The results are hilarious and unintentionally insulting to Lisa. The two are likely going to have a number of hilarious moments together but, if the tone of the first film is any indication, there are bound to be some sentimental scenes between them as well.

There’s a lot to look forward to in Coming 2 America and, so far, the film seems primed to be a comedy gem. You can check out the trailer for yourself down below:

It remains to be seen if the film will surpass the heights of its iconic predecessor, as that’s a pretty high bar to clear. Still, on the surface, the Craig Brewer-directed film has the tools to forge a comedic path of its own.

Coming 2 America debuts on Amazon Prime Video on March 5, 2021.

Erik Swann
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