One Coming 2 America Star Admits He Spent Most Of His Audition Talking About Barbecue

Jermaine Fowler as Lavelle in Coming 2 America (2021)

It’s still hard to believe that Coming 2 America is finally a reality, as many fans were unsure if a sequel to Eddie Murphy’s hit 1988 film would ever be made. But lo and behold, not only are fans getting a sequel, but they’ll even get to see most of the original actors reprise their roles. Of course, the Craig Brewer-helmed comedy will also feature some new faces, including up-and-coming star Jermaine Fowler. Landing the role of Prince Akeem’s son, Lavelle, was a dream come true for the actor, and he’s still in disbelief, especially since he recently revealed that he spent most of his audition talking about barbecue.

Yes, you heard that right. Although an audition usually consists of well… an audition, Fowler spent much of the time discussing barbecue with Coming 2 America's Craig Brewer. And it certainly made for an interesting experience for the actor:

My first audition, Craig and I just sat in a room and talked about barbecue for 45 minutes. At one point we said goodbye to each other and then we went, 'Oh, wait, we've got an audition.'

Based on Jermaine Fowler’s comments to EW, that must have been one serious conversation about barbecue. But even though he enjoyed the chat, he also told the trade he doubted his chances of landing the role because of it. So he was surprised when he got a callback and was asked to perform in front of the film’s producers. However, he did admit that he was initially a bit nervous after first getting the call because he wasn’t sure if he could “talk about barbecue for another 45 minutes.”

While speaking with the trade, Fowler couldn’t help but express his excitement and gratitude over earning a role in Coming 2 America. The actor explained that Eddie Murphy Raw is the stand-up comedy film that inspired him to get into the business. And it was Murphy’s transition to acting that also encouraged him to seek out a career in film and TV.

Coming 2 America also features newcomers like Leslie Jones, who plays Lavelle’s mother, and Tracy Morgan, who plays the young man’s uncle. Like Fowler, Tracy Morgan relished the opportunity to finally work with Eddie Murphy, and being a part of the Coming to America series also holds a deeper significance to the veteran actor and comedian. Needless to say, the long-awaited sequel is just as exciting for the stars as it is for fans. Check out the trailer here:

There’s plenty to be excited about with Coming 2 America, and the movie is facing some incredibly high expectations. But with talented veterans like Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, fresh faces like Jermaine Fowler and a talented director in Craig Brewer, the film should be a worthy follow-up to the ‘80s classic.

Coming 2 America arrives on Amazon Prime Video on March 5, 2021.

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