Candyman Star Explains Why It Needs To Be Seen In Theaters


It’s no secret that 2020 and 2021 haven’t been the best years for the film industry, and the pandemic seems to keep throwing curve balls at a lot of creative projects that are either in the works or have completed filming. While all the streaming services are seeing an exciting number of films and series hitting their platforms, theaters (the ones that have been able to remain open) are only seeing a few bones thrown their way. Some films, though, just hit better in an atmosphere only a theater can provide. Candyman, according to star Coleman Domingo, is one of these films that needs to be seen in theaters, surrounded by other people reacting to what you’re seeing.

A lot of horror fans feel that half the fun of a new horror flick is the reactions it gets. Candyman star Coleman Domingo seems to think along the same lines, as he says Candyman needs to be watched in a movie theater. The Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom actor told ET Canada in an interview that although it’s tough for the people who have worked on a film to keep seeing it pushed back, he’s glad Candyman has delayed in order to get it’s time at the theaters, because it needs to be seen on the big screen. Here it is in Domingo’s own words:

It does need to be on a big screen, I believe that. Nia DaCosta directed something that is really epic and it’s really visually stunning. And I think you need to be in an audience and be shocked and at the same time. And laugh at the same time, and go ‘oh’ at the same time.

The jump scares, tight grips and startled screams of strangers in the dark all add (some may say a necessary) terror to a horror film. Don’t get me wrong, there absolutely is a special kind of terror reserved for watching a scary movie on the couch at home, alone. But being surrounded by similarly horrified people in a dark room while the horrific scene plays out in front of you and blown up on a massive screen is a whole different, epic experience.

Some films are just made for that experience, and going by what Coleman Domingo says, Candyman director Nia DaCosta, who is also directing Captain Marvel 2, has created something that is worthy of that big screen viewing.

Of course, all Coleman Domingo is really doing here is hyping us up for the release of Candyman, which has been delayed a few times already. Currently, the long-time-coming “sequel” to the classic 1992 Candyman is set to hit theaters in August 27. Hopefully there are no more delays for this apparently epic horror film worthy of the big screen, even if we have to view it through our fingers with our hands covering our eyes.

Carlie Hoke
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