Michelle Pfeiffer Wields Her Catwoman Whip Like A Pro In Cool Batman Returns BTS Video

Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns

In terms of the superhero genre, Tim Burton’s Batman Returns has remained a hallmark film amongst Batman aficionados and fans of the genre. While the film is Batman-focused, Michelle Pfeiffer’s performance as Selina Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman was a major highlight that's beloved to this day. One of her best scenes in the sequel was her using her whip in a store. Recently, a throwback behind-the-scenes clip of the scene surfaced showing Pfeiffer wielding the weapon. And its set social media on fire.

Michelle Pfeiffer’s career has been filled with stellar performances over her four decades in Hollywood. But her turn as Catwoman in Batman Returns has continued to live in the minds of many 1990s kids and film enthusiasts. Her performance placed the actress as one of the most regarded characterizations of the iconic anti-heroine. Of course, the whipping scene has lived on in infamy. But the scene spiked in popularity as a cool Batman Returns behind-the-scenes video popped up on the internet. The throwback clip came courtesy of Netflix social media manager Jarret Wieselman. He spilled that Pfeiffer did the infamous scene in one take on Twitter. Check out this one-take wonder below:

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As evident by the Twitter post, Michelle Pfeiffer channeled Catwoman when using the whip. The way she used it was a master class in doing the work to make a character believable. It also showcased the transformation of Selina Kyle from mousey secretary to invincible femme fatale. She managed to make that scene so real and disturbing at the same time. Plus, that applause at the end was well deserved especially after doing the scene in one take.

Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman may still hold a place in many people’s hearts and minds, but it's unclear if she'll ever get to reprise her role. Michael Keaton’s Batman has been confirmed for the Flash movie, but Pfeiffer hasn’t been asked to return as Catwoman. But if an offer is coming her way for the long-delayed DC film, it would be a major coup for the DCEU.

But it might be hard to do considering Michelle Pfeiffer is currently tied to the MCU for the Ant-Man films. Given her status in the superhero genre, she is one of a few actors who hopped between Marvel and DC without any problems. So, doing the Flash movie might not be out of the question. Within the last year, Pfeiffer’s Catwoman has gained traction as Zoe Kravitz became the latest actress to take on the iconic character. Pfeiffer along with other Catwoman stars Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway welcomed Kravitz into the exclusive circle.

With that said, the Batman Returns throwback clip showed just how committed Michelle Pfeiffer was into channeling and becoming a fragile character such as Catwoman. Hopefully, this clip will light a fire under Warner Bros. to approach her to reprise the role. If you want to see the actress in action, you can watch Batman Returns on HBO Max.

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