Michelle Pfeiffer On Why Getting Noticed For Your Looks Is 'No-Win' In Hollywood

Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface

Michelle Pfeiffer is Hollywood royalty, with a career spanning over five decades. Throughout the years she has managed to appear in a wide range of films, but early in her career was frustrated by the roles she was given. In fact, Pfeiffer recently explained why getting noticed for her looks didn't help her career.

While Michelle Pfeiffer has been regarded as one of Hollywood’s most versatile actors, she’s also known for her beauty. Early in her career, Pfeiffer’s roles focused more on her looks, rather than complex characters. This seemingly pushed her to show Hollywood what she could do as an actor. Pfeiffer recently spoke with The New Yorker about the double-edged sword of being beautiful in Hollywood, saying:

It’s a no-win conversation for me. No matter how you answer those questions it doesn’t come off well.

Michelle Pfeiffer went on to explain her frustration of being just “arm candy.” She spoke on being touched by Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese’s assessment of her acting abilities.

I did Grease 2, then Scarface. But still, I was arm candy. Then when I did Married to the Mob . . . I remember then when I met Marty Scorsese, who was considering me for The Age of Innocence. I remember him saying, 'I thought you were this brunette girl from New Jersey.' That was probably one of the greatest compliments that were ever given to me.

Moviegoers may see someone like Michelle Pfeiffer and think looks and beauty are great benefits for any actor’s career. But Pfeiffer’s words painted a limited scope with roles and genres when it comes to pursuing more range in an acting career. The actor’s career proved that all it takes is one person to see more for another person.

Despite this hurdle for the actor, Michelle Pfeiffer made it a point to take on a range of roles. As a result, Sse has become regarded as one of Hollywood’s most well-rounded performers. She managed to keep people entertained and guessing by doing everything from romantic comedies, to period dramas, to musicals, to big-budget blockbusters. As Michelle Pfeiffer pointed out, her career took a different turn after doing Married to the Mob and The Witches of Eastwick. She scored two consecutive Oscar nominations for Best Supporting Actress and Leading Actress for Dangerous Liaisons and The Fabulous Baker Boys, respectively. Had she not taken those risks, the public would have never gotten the actor as Catwoman in Batman Returns. What's more, recently revealed she wouldn’t mind returning to the role for the upcoming Flash movie if asked.

Along with Batman Returns, Michelle Pfeiffer recently celebrated another one of her best-known films – One Fine Day. She and co-star George Clooney were nostalgic as they spoke on the time he showed up to the set after a night of drinking. Pfeiffer also spoke on turning down Jodie Foster’s role in Silence of the Lambs and why she regrets doing so. Fortunately, at this point in her career, Pfeiffer has a resume that many actors would envy as she continues to score top-notch roles.

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