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I Care A Lot's Rosamund Pike Cared A Lot When 2011 Movie Poster Augmented Her Breasts

Rosamund Pike as Marla Grayson in I Care A Lot

Gone Girl actress Rosamund Pike’s newest role as Marla Grayson in Netflix’s I Care A Lot has her looking pretty fearless as a downright ruthless force of nature. While her razor-sharp haircut and flawless business attire are enough to give Pike the intense look her new film is going for, apparently her past film appearances altered her appearance in more unnatural ways. Pike recently looked back on her previous work, where promo material for her films has had her breasts altered. And the actress cares. She cares a lot.

In an interview with Kelly Clarkson on her daytime talk show, Rosamund Pike talks about when she first heard of filters and changing your appearance with a click of a button, a practice that has been applied to her body as well. Here are the actress’ own words on the virtual changes her body underwent for past roles:

I was on a flight when I last flew which was over a year ago. As the flight is going I took a selfie, and he looked over- someone I didn’t know. And he said ‘Oh no baby, you’ve got to Facetune that.’ And I said, ‘Sorry, what?’ He says ‘You gotta Facetune that.’ So that was my introduction to the world of Facetune-ing. Which I then realized has often happened, well body tuning. For the post of Johnny English my breasts were augmented. In the poster, the character shot, I have very impressive breast that I don’t have. In Radioactive strangely they made my eyes brown, which I still don’t quite know why.

If Rosamund Pike is anything like her character Marla Grayson, she’s not one to be crossed. If you haven’t watched her new film I Care A Lot yet, all you need to know is that her character told a distraught son of one of her “clients” that she would “rip his dick and balls off” before the title was even on the screen. I’m just saying, you may want to think twice before altering her already striking appearance without her approval.

The fact is, though, that stars rarely are told or asked if they are okay with their appearance being altered. In the same interview with Kelly Clarkson, who has been outspoken about body positivity, Rosamund Pike muses just how many times her appearance has been messed with without her knowledge. While she obviously notices sometimes, there must be times when she doesn’t. In Pike’s own words:

Then I was thinking about it and I was thinking, do we actually know? Those are the obvious times, when you do notice. You’re like ‘Wow, I have brown eyes,’ Or ‘I’ve got massive breasts.’ But there are probably countless times where our image is doctored and we don’t notice it. We’re all losing a grip on what we really look like.

Changing the appearance of stars, especially those of women, into something deemed more desirable is not exactly uncommon. However, it is becoming more common for the stars to speak out about the questionable practice. Actors are taking their bodies back by calling out the practices in a fight against body shaming and in favor of body autonomy.

Personally, I think Rosamund Pike is a goddess. Why anyone would want to mess with a good thing is beyond me. If Hollywood is altering people who are already the epitome of today’s beauty standards, it’s impossible for anyone to reach the standard on beauty that they would deem acceptable. So, you might as well be your gorgeous self instead! Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.