First Glimpse At Michael Bay's New Movie Is Totally Explosive And It Looks Wild

When it comes to Michael Bay movies, the man has something of his own style. A former music video director, Bay has never really left that particular aesthetic behind. Not only does the man make action movies, but he makes them with a degree of spectacle that is rarely matched in Hollywood. Good news fans, even though Bay's next movie may have the somewhat less impressive title of Ambulance, the movie is already looking like it's going to be just what people who love Michael Bay movies love about Michael Bay movies.

Michael Bay's new movie is about a pair of thieves who steal an ambulance after their heist goes haywire. He shared a behind the scenes shot of one of the films' stunt sequences, that shows the titular rescue vehicle not being used for its intended purpose, as it barrels through a police car barricade. Check it out.

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Ambulance stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as a pair of thieves who hijack an ambulance to use as a getaway vehicle. Unfortunately, their escape is complicated by the fact that the ambulance contains a paramedic, played by Eliza Gonzalez, and a patient in critical condition. The film is an adaptation of a 2005 Daish movie of the same name.

The original Danish film is somewhat unique because the four characters just described are the only four characters credited in the original movie. Plus the entire film takes place entirely on the Ambulance, and it takes place in "real time." It's an action movie gimmick that's been done before. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. When it does work it can make an action movie that much more of an edge of your seat thrill ride, as the real time element can turn the tension up a few degrees. Some additional shots of the sequence were captured which Michael Bay shared as an Instyagram Story.

It's unclear of the Michael Bay version will actually be using all these concepts in the American version of Ambulance. The official cast list for this movie appears to be larger, though the Danish version does have more actors in it, they're simply in bit parts that you wouldn't normally credit. With a couple of strong character actors like Garret Dillahunt, A Martinez, and Keir O'Donnell also apparently on board this version, it would seem the cast of the American version will be at least slightly larger. The movie isn't using the same script Chris Fedak, who has written and produced shows like Legends of Tomorrow, Prodigal Son and Chuck is reportedly handling the adaptation.

What's clear from this short video is that, while the movie might be "small" in terms of characters and sets, the action will not be. It's going to be up to Michael Bay's usual standards as an action movie, with the set pieces being massive. Although, Bay does say here that on set this action wasn't quite as big a deal as it appears in the video. Still, as one photographer captured some action, it looks pretty impressive.

Whatever the scale of the thing, this movie looks like it's going to be full of great action, and the premise is interesting enough that it could also make for an equally exciting story. The cast is rock solid and so far, this looks like fun.

Dirk Libbey
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