Why Henry Golding Is Back On Set For Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

Snake Eyes with a sword

As one of Hollywood’s rising stars, Henry Golding has shown his range through all his projects. Golding made the next logical step – being the lead in a big-budget blockbuster. The actor is expected to make a splash in the G.I. Joe spinoff Snake Eyes. While COVID-19 has delayed the action film multiple times, the film is on track to be released later this year. Recently, Golding hopped on social media to explain why he was back on the Snake Eyes set.

Last year, Henry Golding wrapped up Snake Eyes. For the actor, taking on the G.I. Joe-centric role marked his biggest role to date after successes such as Crazy Rich Asians and Last Christmas. Golding took to his Instagram to share his first day back on set. The actor revealed why he was shooting more Snake Eyes footage in a recent video:

We are back on set, ladies and gentlemen. We just got some reshoots for Snake Eyes, but I’m so grateful that we’re able to pull this off. I mean it’s a really challenging period to be doing production during COVID. All precautions are being taken. I’m just about to get my test. We get tested every single day, but I’m just super excited to get this business churning and hopefully will be back to normal in no time.

As evident by the actor’s video, Henry Golding was ready and excited to back filming more scenes for Snake Eyes. Given the Hollywood shutdown in 2020, reshoots for the action film were put off until 2021. At this point, the actor is trying to maneuver all the safety guidelines and protocols set in Hollywood so the film can be completed. It’s nice to hear him be so optimistic about returning to work. Being an action-oriented film, it’s understandable that Golding, the cast and crew are being cautious as a film like this one with so much contact involved.

As Henry Golding mentioned, hopefully things will be back to normal in time. With vaccinations rolling out and mandates being in place, television and film productions will be back on track in the future. But Golding’s excitement for Snake Eyes isn’t something new to G.I. Joe fans. The actor spilled a bit of information last year about what to expect from the film. With the film just months away, Golding is poised to become an even bigger presence in Hollywood.

With Hollywood slowly reopening, stars such as Henry Golding seem ready to return to filming without all the circumstances surrounding COVID-19. Despite his optimism, Hollywood’s return to normalcy might be a slow process over months (if not, years). Everyone will have to wait until Oct. 22, 2021 to see Golding in action as Snake Eyes.

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