Spider-Man’s Tom Holland Reveals The Type Of Movie He’s Always Wanted To Do, But Never Got The Chance

Tom Holland in Spider-Man Far From Home

Tom Holland has likely lived many actors' dreams because he is Spider-Man in the MCU. Between his stand alone films and his other Marvel Cinematic Universe appearances he's been Spider-Man on the big screen more than any other actor. That's certainly a bucket list item for a lot of people. Beyond playing the wall crawler, Holland has been able to play a number of other types of roles in his career. He's been in historical dramas and science fiction films, and his new film Cherry puts him in the shoes of a former soldier who turns to a life of crime. But the actor says there's one type of movie he wants to be a part of, the courtroom drama.

Tom Holland reveals his desire to play a lawyer in a courtroom drama. He specifically references A Few Good Men as the sort of movie that he'd like to be part of in the future. So, if Aaron Sorkin would like to write another big courtroom movie for him to star in, Holland is here for it. According to what the actor told USA Today...

I really want to do a courtroom drama. What’s the Tom Cruise film? A Few Good Men. Aaron Sorkin, if you’re watching mate. I think that’s something I’d really enjoy doing.

At 24 years old, Tom Holland is only a bit younger than Tom Cruise was in 1992 when he starred in A Few Good Men, and so it's not too hard to see an actor like Holland in a role like that if the movie were made today. Cruise himself was best known for action films like Top Gun at the time, but was in the middle of showing a more dramatic side in the late '80s and early '90s thanks to roles like A Few Good Men.

While I'm not sure Aaron Sorkin is looking to write another courtroom drama right now, considering his most recent film, The Trial of the Chicago 7, is a return to that setting already, I can certainly imagine Tom Holland reciting some signature Sorkin dialogue, and it would probably be pretty awesome to see.

Courtrooms are natural places for drama. The adversarial system of two sides competing for opposite ends makes for obvious conflict without violence. They're popular both on television and on the big screen. They also tend to allow actors to flex some serious muscle on the screen, which frequently translates into awards consideration for such roles.

And hey, A Few Good Men is nearly 30-years-old, which makes it a prime candidate for a remake, so if anybody gets the idea to do such a thing, it sounds like Tom Holland is interested in playing the lead. But then, who do you get to play the Jack Nicholson role? That's the real question.

Dirk Libbey
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