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Priyanka Chopra Clapped Back When Someone Questioned Her Announcing The Oscar Nominations

Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas announcing the 2021 Oscar nominations

The day of Oscar nominations, per usual, was filled with both excitement and disappointment surrounding the nominess (expected and confusing) and the usual snubs. However, arguably the one bright spot was Hollywood couple Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas announcing the nominations. For the most part, people enjoyed seeing the couple as announcers, but one person called out Chopra Jonas and Jonas for not being worthy of such an honor. Chopra Jonas decided to clap back on social media.

To put things in perspective, Priyanka Chopra Jonas was (and continues to be) a huge star in her native country India. Before the jump to Hollywood, the actress had an illustrious career in Bollywood as one of its key figures. It was the main reason she was able to start a career in the United States. But that appeared to bypass Australian reporter Peter Ford, as he hinted at her lack of creditability on Twitter. Chopra Jonas decided to reply in her unique way. Check out her Twitter video of her lengthy filmography below:

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As evident by Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ tweet, the actress has both the credentials and the creditability to announce the Oscar nominations. Announcing the Oscars isn’t a barometer of whether a person is a capable actor or not. As Chopra Jonas showed, her filmography stretches over two decades of film and TV appearances under her belt. The journalist was unaware of that factor despite reporting on entertainment. A telling part of this story is that he ended up deleting his tweet.

A tweet from a journalist shouldn’t have elicited the response from Priyanka Chopra Jonas, but it needed to happen. Sometimes, a person must show rather than talk about their accomplishments to doubters. The actress could’ve been nasty in her response, but she decided to remind people of her lengthy acting resume. At this point in her career, Chopra Jonas has put decades worth of work. Posting the video also proved how successful the actress has been in multiple countries compared to other Hollywood stars. While people might not like all of her work, she does deserve respect for maintaining her star power over decades.

But the joke may be on him, as Priyanka Chopra Jonas has multiple film and television projects in the works over the next few years. You never know one of those projects could lead to a possible Oscar (or Emmy) nomination. But even if Chopra Jonas never is never nominated, I'd argue she already won 2021. Don't forget, she also released her best-selling memoir Unfinished to rave reviews. The actress is going from strength to strength in her career while trying to enjoy her life as a married woman.

As previously mentioned, the Australian reporter backed off his claims by deleting his post. Whether he saw the error of his ways or not, Priyanka Chopra Jonas proved she can stand up against any questioning her credentials over something as simple as Oscar announcements.

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