John David Washington Recalls Sweet Moment Between Him And Father Denzel Washington On The Set Of Glory

Glory was such a moment not just in film history but for Denzel Washington’s career. And the Oscar-winning film held an even bigger place in John David Washington’s heart. Not only was he able to watch the film, but he was also able to live it through a set visit when he was a child. And during his visit, he shared a sweet moment with his father.

John David Washington talked about being on the set of Glory in a recent episode of Rolling Stone’s The First Time. Glory marked the first time John David Washington can recall being on set with his famous father and, as he discussed, there was on particularly cool father-son moment the two got to share during the production:

The first time I stepped on a movie set that I can remember was the movie Glory. We were with the final battle scene, and I was sitting with my mom. I guess we’re in Video Village, and I see my father coming up out of the flames and ashes in the night in his blue union suit, looking very heroic. And he looks at me, and he says, ‘Wanna come down, you want to come see it?’ I was giddy, I was very excited, and I turned to my mother and I asked her, ‘Can I go? Can I go?’ She said no, she shut me down. So that’s why I’ll never forget that my mom shut my dreams down. [laughs].

Despite being shut down by his mother, the potential moment between Denzel and John David Washington likely helped spark the younger Washington’s Hollywood aspirations. Watching his father in action on the set had to have been thrilling to say the least, and little did the young man know that he himself would get to do some cool big-screen moments of his own decades later.

Glory also helped John David Washington to meet one of his acting idols. In the same episode, the younger Washington admitted to being a huge fan of his father’s co-star, Morgan Freeman. He recalled memorizing Freeman’s lines from the Oscar-nominated film and being shut down for an autograph. I think most would agree that any of us would be excited to be on the Glory set and, at the very least, have opportunity to talk to Morgan Freeman. It was nice to hear Washington go on about the film that put his father on Hollywood’s A-list.

When it comes to his Hollywood journey, John David Washington has had quite an interesting path, especially since most of his formative years were spent under the tutelage of his two-time Oscar winner dad. Even though the actor has spent years in his famous father’s shadow, the younger Washington never hesitates to show love and admiration for his father whenever he can. The moment on the Glory set alone shows just how much of an impact the Oscar winner has had on his son's career.

With so much talent between them, it would be nice if someday John David and Denzel Washington were to team up for a project. Whether they would sharing the screen or the older Washington directing the younger, it would be worthwhile. But of course, we'll just have to wait and see if it happens.

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