Is Jennifer Lopez Not Wearing Her Engagement Ring Really A Big Deal?

Jennifer Lopez in Second Act

Being a celebrity is definitely a tricky thing. Because while you may be awarded with awesome opportunities, it also means that your life on display. And for megastars like Jennifer Lopez, she's spent her massively successful career continuing to make headlines over her personal life. It was recently rumored that Lopez and her fiancee Alexander Rodriguez had called it quits, breaking the internet in the process. So when the actress-singer posted a new photo without her engagement ring, folks went wild. But is it actually a big deal?

Jennifer Lopez has had a few very famous partners, including Ben Affleck, Marc Anthony, and now A-Rod. While it appears that the rumors about her engagement ending were false, it's led to more dissection of everything the pair post to social media. Lopez recently posted a gorgeous photo of herself, where her engagement ring was noticeably absent. But there's more to the story, as the hashtags indicated the image was from the set of her movie Shotgun Wedding. Check it out below,

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Jennifer Lopez clearly doesn't age, even when she's working hard as an actress and producer. This time around the Hustlers star is turning her attention on the upcoming romantic comedy Shotgun Wedding opposite Josh Duhamel and a killer cast. Unfortunately, the above image resulted in a ton of coverage about Lopez's engagement ring, or lack thereof.

The above image comes to us from Jennifer Lopez's personal Instagram page. The caption mentions working on the weekend, with the photo seemingly coming from the set of Shotgun Wedding. And while she's not wearing her engagement ring, there are a number of reasons why this might be. Perhaps she's actually in costume for the movie. Alternatively, she might not want to bring such an expensive piece of jewelry to a busy film set where it could get lost.

Regardless, fans went bananas when Jennifer Lopez posted the photo, and immediately began wondering about whether or not she was with Alex Rodriguez. The two both responded on social media after the rumors of their internet circulated. But the public still has plenty of questions, and the above post unfortunately adds fuel to all the speculation surrounding the iconic couple.

As previously mentioned, Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to questions and rumors about her personal life. It's likely for this reason that she didn't think twice when posting to Instagram; the rumors are likely going to continue regardless. Her years being in celebrity couples no doubt toughened the skin, and she continues to thrive as a multimedia sensation.

It's currently unclear when Shotgun Wedding will be released, as the movie recently faced a setback due to Armie Hammer's ongoing controversy and the need to recast. In the meantime, check out our 2021 release list to plan your next movie experience.

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