Kong: Skull Island's Jordan Vogt-Roberts Is Jumping To Netflix For A Major Blockbuster

Kong faces down Samuel L. Jackson in the fire, in Kong: Skull Island.

Fans of the legendary Sunrise anime franchise Gundam are probably ready for the almost 50 year old property to cross over into live-action film. And surely there have been other parties throughout history that have wanted to be the first to plant their flags on that hill, starting a major blockbuster in the process. Well, Netflix is about to make that happen, and they’ve drafted Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts to get this landmark animated legend into gear.

Announced by Netflix in a tweet from their social media presence, Vogt-Roberts hiring was made public with a very enthusiastic welcome. What’s better is the fact that Gundam will be made under the auspices of Legendary, who also paired with Jordan Vogt-Roberts on Kong: Skull Island. So this new project isn’t only a perfect match between filmmaker and material, but it’s also a fantastic re-teaming of two parties who know how to work together in the name of the fans.

A Gundam live-action movie has actually been in the works since around three years ago, so the concept of Hajime Yatate and Yoshiyuki Tomino’s fan favorite property leaping onto the big screen isn’t an alien one. But now, with Netflix’s massive clout and spending power behind it, Gundam could come to life in a new and exciting way. Having Jordan Vogt-Roberts involved is the cherry on top, considering where his tastes lie when it comes to the projects he’s picked in recent years.

It’s unknown which era or story in the Gundam universe will be adapted into this Netflix movie’s story, and a writer hasn’t been mentioned as being brought on as of yet. All anyone can really know at this point is that the militaristic space opera that’s delighted generations of fans will be bringing its mecha brand of thrills into its first flesh and blood incarnation in the world of movies. Though this already feels adjacent to Vogt-Roberts’ currently developing resume, as his work on the Metal Gear Solid film will more than likely help enforce the man’s ability to work with gigantic robots of mass destruction.

With Oscar Isaac already cast in the role of Solid Snake, that long in progress film also has loyalists eagerly anticipating the first cinematic adventure for one of gaming’s most iconic protagonists. So one has to wonder where Gundam’s adaptation fits into the stack of priorities that Vogt-Roberts has acquired in his post-MonsterVerse career. That being said, Jordan Vogt-Roberts feels like an insanely perfect fit for Gundam’s director’s chair, and one can hope that he’ll be able to get this beast off the ground sooner than later.

Come to think of it, the news of Gundam’s cinematic steps to glory have us thinking about that time Andy Muschietti was hired to get Sony’s Robotech adaptation into the air. Time will tell if Jordan Vogt-Roberts succeeds where Muschietti has dared to tread, or if both directors will somehow pull their projects into orbit in the ultimate competition of mecha-cinematic combat. Watch the skies, and the internet, dear readers; because anything can happen when you’ve got robots like this on the ground!

Mike Reyes
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