The Sweet Way Kristen Stewart Supported Her Charlie’s Angels Co-Stars On The Set

Kristen Stewart and her co-stars in Charlie's Angels

2019's Charlie's Angels reboot wasn't the launching of a massive new franchise that it wanted to be, and while that was likely something of a disappointment for all involved, it seems that the experience of making the movie was still quite nice for everybody. Naomi Scott has nothing but nice things to say about her co-stars, Kristen Stewart and Ella Balinska.

Speaking with Collider, Naomi Scott says that Kristen Stewart was incredibly supportive on the set of Charlie's Angels, making sure that Scott was ready for a scene and giving her time to breathe when she needed it. She says Stewart simply has a natural honesty that comes through on the set. According to Scott,

The thing I appreciate most about Kristen is that she is so truthful in whatever it is she’s doing. She just can’t lie. She’s so authentic. And especially as this character, she was able to really lean into a side that people don’t always see of her. She’s just so funny and she’s so badass. She was always there for you emotionally. And she could also tell when I was feeling a bit in my head and she’d always be like, ‘You okay? You good?’ Just encouragement. Or if I clearly felt like, ‘Oh, well, that was a shit take,’ or I didn’t think I was good at whatever, and she’d be like, ‘Hey! Hey. Look at me.’ And she’d just give me a little moment, and I really appreciated that. And, you know, she’s Kristen Stewart! My girl’s been doing this for time, time, time. And she’s just a professional. She just knows her stuff.

While Kristen Stewart may only be 31-years-old, the actress has been working regularly in Hollywood for more than 20 years, so she's a pro who knows more about how this all works than most people her age. As such, she knows what her fellow actors are going through, and likely has a good idea what they need, because she's been there herself. And because of the natural truthfulness that Naomi Scott says Kristen Stewart has, it means that when she's offering her support it's clear to those she's offering it to that she really means it.

Kristen Stewart wasn't the only incredibly helpful one on the set of Charlie's Angels for Naomi Scott. Scott admits that, being British, she's had little experience with guns in her life, and so the firearms portion of being in the film was pretty new to her. But apparently Ella Balinska is something of a firearms expert, and so was able to help Scott out so she knew what she was doing on set.

While Charlie's Angels wasn't a huge hit, it was a really fun movie, in large part because of the chemistry the three leads had in it. And that clearly came from the relationships they were able to make off set. All this support helped the movie in many ways, and it really is a shame the movie wasn't more successful, as seeing these three on screen together again would be pure joy.

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