Michael B. Jordan Shares Wild Video About Without Remorse’s Stunts

Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse is shaping up to be one of this year’s biggest streaming films. Part of the action film’s appeal is audiences seeing Michael B. Jordan take down his enemies. That was obvious by the response to the film’s trailer. While the actor has shown his range, physically demanding roles have become his calling card. But Jordan isn’t just about telling viewers, but showing as well. The Without Remorse star recently shared a wild video on social media about doing stunts.

Michael B. Jordan has made a career out of being an adrenaline junkie. Being in blockbuster after blockbuster, the actor has proven himself to be down for any stunts, much like Mission: Impossible star Tom Cruise. Jordan’s latest film, Without Remorse, falls right in the same vein. The Black Panther star took to Instagram to show some behind-the-scenes stunt work, so check out his intense video below:

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Michael B. Jordan’s behind-the-scenes video gave viewers a small taste of what to expect from Tom Clancy's Without Remorse. Seeing the actor take on the dangerous stunt showed just how committed to his craft he is. Jordan was excited, thrilled and a little apprehensive in the short clip. Seeing his preparation before the stunt proved just how life-threatening the act was. It gave the actor's fans a peek into his inner adrenaline junkie, but this shouldn’t be a surprise given Jordan’s stance on doing his stunts.

Recently, Michael B. Jordan revealed his secret for doing stunts. When it comes to fighting choreography, the actor talked about learning dance moves to perfect his scenes in the Creed films and Black Panther. He admitted to getting an adrenaline rush from doing dangerous stunts while shooting the action film. Jordan’s love for doing stunts comes through the screen in every scene he’s in. So the actor seemed ready to take up the same mantle as Cruise, The Rock and many of today’s top action stars.

But Tom Clancy's Without Remorse isn’t the only intense role Michael B. Jordan has on his plate. The actor is gearing up for Creed III, as well as being attached to the Danny Boyle-helmed action thriller Methuselah. Both roles are poised to see the Creed star put his dancing moves and fight choreography to use in varying scenarios. Of course, there are those pesky Black Panther 2 rumors. But as previously mentioned, Jordan has a love for stunts, so these films are right up his alley.

Given his angle as a thrill-seeker, Michael B. Jordan was ready to take on the challenge of doing his stunts in the film. Plus, his upcoming projects showed signs that the actor won’t be giving up this attitude anytime soon. You can watch Jordan in action in Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse starting on April 30 on Amazon Prime Video.

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