Fans Want To See Godzilla Vs. Kong Crossover With The Live-Action Gundam Movie, And The Director Has Responded

Kong and a Gundam suit, pictured side by side

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Fans love crossovers as much as they adore pitching them, and Godzilla vs. Kong technically counts as the latest to hit the screens large and small. But that hasn’t stopped people of all stripes pitching other monstrous mashups, especially when it comes to the world of the MonsterVerse. However, a new intersection of geekdom has been pitched that would see director Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ upcoming Gundam movie crossover with the world of Godzilla and Kong. A concept the former MonsterVerse helmer is absolutely in favor of happening.

Vogt-Roberts shared his thoughts on this matter through Twitter, as a fan had pitched this would-be event with some fan art. Depicted in the rendering below is Kong himself, outfitted with some Gundam suit armor, allowing him to officially become “Mobile Suit Kongdam.” Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the man who directed Kong: Skull Island, gave this beauty his stamp of approval, in this message of endorsement:

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The idea of giving a Titan out of Godzilla vs. Kong, or any MonsterVerse entry for that matter, feels a bit dangerous for humanity. But giving Kong his own armor out of Gundam just might have turned the tables on that gigantic prize fight in the third act of director Adam Wingard’s blockbuster hit. Not to mention Mobile Suit Kongdam versus MechaGodzilla sound like an awesome, no holds rematch.

Perhaps the greatest asset that this Gundam/Godzilla vs. Kong crossover has in its corner is Jordan Vogt-Roberts himself. As a fan of both the MonsterVerse and Sunrise’s legendary anime masterpiece, Vogt-Roberts is intimately familiar with both worlds. Should the chances of a Pacific Rim crossover fail, despite Legendary having both cards in their deck, the MonsterVerse could easily pivot to this other story of man and machine duking it out with creatures of titanic proportions.

Of course, this would mean Jordan Vogt-Roberts would have to make some room in his schedule, as he’s also got the Oscar Isaac starring adaptation of Metal Gear Solid on his plate. To delay that project any further would be to risk upsetting the fans, and even Vogt-Roberts himself, as it’s taken quite a while to get to this point. So unless another director finds themselves keen to step into this mobile suit of a crossover, this looks like it’s merely a beautiful pipe dream for the time being.

Then again, if fans fight for their pipe dreams hard enough, sometimes they can become realities after all. So if you support this gigantic potential mashup, support Godzilla vs. Kong, which is set to leave HBO Max on April 30th. If you feel safe enough to go back to movie theaters, then you’ll have no problem catching the action. But if you do feel like kicking back on the couch and letting them fight, check out the six-month prepaid subscription offer that’s currently available.

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