George Clooney Gets Honest About Turning 60

George Clooney

One thing that happens as you get older is that time gets a little trapped. In my head, the ‘90s were only 10 years ago, and George Clooney just won People’s Sexiest Man Alive award. In reality, though, we’re a good 15 years past that, and our man Clooney is about to turn 60 years old. As his big 60 steadily approaches, Clooney recently got real honest about how he feels about his six decades on Earth.

These days, George Clooney is swapping out his cover issue of People with one from AARP, and although he recognizes the fact that he’s getting older, that doesn’t mean he has to be happy about it. In an interview with ET, Clooney pretty much just said it is what it is about his age, and it’s definitely better than the dark alternative. Here it is in his own words:

As far as turning 60, listen, I’m not thrilled with it but it's better than dead. So I'll take it. I got two options.

If I didn’t know better, I would think he didn’t even want to talk about his impending 60th birthday. While it’s really not a great topic to broach with a lot of people, George Clooney is kind of known for being both generous and forthcoming with off color topics, making jokes that some would consider a little too dark.

George Clooney’s dark humor aside, this is a milestone that can be pretty discouraging, depending on who we're talking about. Specifically in Clooney’s case, his age may be working against him in a more peculiar way. As he was busy with his Hollywood career the majority of his prime, Clooney started his family life not too long ago. He has a set of twins who are only three years old, and he already said he won’t be playing basketball with them when they’re older!

Even though he started his family in the later part of his life, he really has used those 60 years for more than a lot of people would in their entire life. If you look at George Clooney’s resume, he has been a staple in Hollywood since his TV days back in the '80s (okay the 60 thing is making more sense now) and has even had success as a director, producer and writer. Even though he took a small acting break, he’s very much still relevant with having a successful Netflix film as recently as last year.

Despite his slight joke about being close to it, he’s pretty far from the end of his line. George Clooney has another big ticket film in the works with past iconic co-star Julia Roberts to keep him going into his 60s. If we are being as honest as Clooney, he makes 60 look pretty good.

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