Pierce Brosnan's Son Looks Just Like Him, I Wonder If He Wants To Play James Bond

To a certain extent, children can be expected to take on some of their parent’s key features; noses, eyes, cheekbones, they're all up for grabs. But sometimes, like in the case of Pierce Brosnan’s son, Paris, the resemblance is so uncanny, it puts questions in your mind. Like, say, would he ever want to audition for his father’s previous job as James Bond?

Unfortunately for some, the answer to that question, at the time, is a big “no.” But before diving too deep into the reality of the situation, we first have to look at why so many people have pointed out the resemblance between Pierce and Paris Brosnan. To do that, it’s time to look at the Instagram post that Keely Shaye Brosnan, wife to Pierce and mother to Paris, shared with the world:

A photo posted by on

Looking at young Paris Brosnan’s face, you can see his father’s key features present and accounted for. Most notably, the young Brosnan’s eyes match the intensity of Pierce Brosnan, especially in the days when he played a lead on NBC’s Remington Steele. The fans flocking to the comments haven’t let that fact go unnoticed. We’ll run through a couple of the strongest reactions, starting with this coincidentally Austin Powers-themed reference:

He looks like a mini-me of his dad!

Others picking up Paris Brosnan and Pierce Brosnan’s visual similarities are just as stunned. If the next comments are any indication, it sounds like there’s a good chance for confusion between father and son. On the lighter end, someone knowing full well which Brosnan they were looking at paid the following comment:

Pierce’s doppelgänger.

Then there’s this Pierce Brosnan fan, who was totally thrown off with Keely Shaye Brosnan’s photo of her son. So much so that they wouldn’t have been mistaken for mixing up the days of the week. It’s a good thing Paris Brosnan wasn’t cosplaying as James Bond, because it would have thrown our next commenter for more of a loop:

What? I thought this was a throwback of Pierce!!!

So we know that Paris Brosnan has his father’s killer looks, but why wouldn’t he be a candidate for James Bond? Well, in a recent interview with V-Man, Paris noted that fashion and art are two of his biggest passions in life, and he’s even supported other young artists. Though looking ahead to the future, Brosnan does have graduating film school lined up, so if he chooses to do so, he won’t be too far from the family business of moviemaking.

It wouldn’t be surprising if there was a 007 betting pool starting to form, after all of the feedback that fans have given on how much Paris Brosnan looks like Pierce Brosnan. In a world where deepfakes can only take you so far, Paris’ potential to be cast as a future James Bond would be an intriguing scenario. That would especially if the franchise moves closer to the deadly, but sly-witted portrayal his father made famous during his tenure.

So if you saw Paris Brosnan’s killer looks and feared for your James Bond betting portfolio, take a breath. At the moment, the young stunner doesn’t pose a threat, and the hunt for Daniel Craig’s post-No Time To Die successor is still on. Though the 007 franchise has been built on key principles, and one of them is simply to never say never, as the future is always open to some shaking and/or stirring.

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