New F9 Video Proves Vin Diesel's Fast And Furious Series Loves Destroying Real Cars

Normal people look at cars and see different things. Be it a status symbol, a way to work, or the ultimate key to personal freedom, there’s many ways to appreciate the automobile. For almost 20 years, Universal and the folks behind Vin Diesel’s Fast and Furious series have had their own unique way of looking at cars. And as you see in the latest video promoting F9, they basically look at real cars the same way anyone would look at toy cars: fast, flexible, and oh so easy to destroy.

If you were looking for more backstory about what F9 will do for the saga behind the Toretto family, this isn’t the place for you friend. There’s no behind the scenes chit chat, very little dialogue, and barely any shots of people who aren’t manning the wheel, or the camera. Entitled “Total Car-nage,” this nearly minute and a half of footage only shows awesome, absolutely real cars being put through their paces. And it’s absolutely blissful if you’re a fan of the Fast Saga and its practical approach to destroying real cars.

No obstacle too big, and no destruction too crazy, it’s a pure adrenaline shot for anyone who needs either a morning wake up call or a lunch time boost. You even get more footage of F9 finally delivering on the promise that Helen Mirren’s Magdalene Shaw will get to engage in her own high speed antics. Which is accompanied by some of London’s finest police cars smashing into each other, in an effort to catch her.

As F9 was one of many blockbusters set for a 2020 release that saw plans change into a 2021 debut, the promotional engines are starting to rev right back up again. Fans are getting more comfortable heading back to theaters, and studios are certainly looking to get huge tentpoles like this one, and A Quiet Place: Part II, back onto screens, with as much hype as possible. So giving Fast Saga fans a nice blast of car-nage feels like a perfect way to bring the family known as the Fast fandom back together.

That’s probably why F9’s plans to send a car into space, Helen Mirren’s big shot behind the wheel, and other goodies have been creeping out in the trailers leading up to the June release. So if this is what Vin Diesel and the marketing team are willing to show the world, what are they saving for the big day? And more importantly, how many other ways can they destroy a car?

Nature truly is healing, as F9 will be in theaters on June 25th, just a couple days shy of The Fast and the Furious’s 20th anniversary. Just be sure to obey the speed limit on the way to the theater. There's no telling what your local police will do to crack down on wannabe stunt drivers, in the wake of Toretto-mania.

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