Thor: Love And Thunder’s Chris Hemsworth Celebrates Mother’s Day With Sweet Tribute To Wife Elsa Pataky

Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Another Mother’s Day has arrived, which means big names in Hollywood giving sweet shoutouts to their mamas and baby mamas. Marvel star and family man Chris Hemsworth is among the celebrities paying tribute to all the moms out there today, as he did so with a beautiful photo of his wife and the mother to his three children, Elsa Pataky. The star of the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder is celebrating the holiday dedicated to mothers by showing us he isn’t the only superhero in his family, as the sweet photo of Pataky sure shows off her superpowers.

Longtime Thor actor Chris Hemsworth and wife Elsa Pataky have three young children together, including a set of twins. Their twins came under two years after the birth of their first born, which means they had 3 under 2 at one time. Hemsworth shared a throwback on his Instagram of Pataky carrying all three children when they were younger - and it sure looks like she has some Avenger level skills there. Check it out:

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The heartwarming photo shows Elsa Pataky holding both twins in her arms with her older child on her back in a carrier. If it was a difficult task, you would never know it because, even though she’s got the weight of three little ones on her, her face is all joy. The happiness she’s exuding is leaking over to her little ones too, because they're all smiles as well. As hard as it is to make one baby happy, it's incredibly impressive to see the super mom has all three little ones feeling good.

If the photo wasn’t enough to melt your heart, Chris Hemsworth also has a lovely caption that honors not only his awesome wife but all the other mothers of the world as well. In his caption, Hemsworth recognizes that moms wear many different hats (or capes), which are pretty much on 24/7. He “salutes” moms everywhere, and throws in a picture of his own mom as well, honoring both important mothers in his life.

Fans are loving the tribute posted by Chris Hemsworth almost as much as they love the famous couple’s seemingly perfect relationship and their adorable family. The two have long been out of Hollywood in favor of a more low-key lifestyle, but it hasn’t stopped them from remaining in the limelight and showing off how silly they can be together. Millions of fans have liked Hemsworth’s post, and comments are all praises - that is, when they’re not confusing the time zones and forgetting that the Hemsworth family lives in Australia and did indeed post the tribute on the correct day.

With Thor: Love and Thunder still filming, Chris Hemsworth may be a little bummed he can’t spend as much time with his family. Thankfully though, he knows he has a superhero wife Elsa Pataky at home with their children. If what we see in his post is anything like reality, she’s got her hands full, but she’s very capable. We’ll be able to see the fruits of Hemsworth’s labor away from his loves when Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on May 6. 2022.

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