Chris Hemsworth’s Wife Elsa Pataky Talks Imperfect Relationship, Despite What Fans Think

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky both star in Netflix projects

Every day we see curated posts on social media from celebrities. In the case of Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky, we see posts of family outings outdoors, posts of them being grateful for their home life and careers, and on holidays and special events, posts paying tribute or thanking their loved ones. Though the couple seemingly has one of the more idyllic lifestyles tucked away in Byron Bay, if you were to ask Pataky, her relationship with the Avengers: Endgame and Extraction actor is not always perfect. In fact, it’s far from it.

Speaking in a recent interview the mom of three and actress in her own right spoke out about her relationship with Chris Hemsworth, which is approaching the 10-year benchmark. She mentioned, though, that she hears a lot about being the “perfect couple,” but it’s not really an accurate assessment, noting,

It’s funny that people think of us as a perfect couple. No way. It’s been ups and downs, and we still keep working at the relationship. I think a relationship is constant work. It’s not easy.

Speaking to Body and Soul, Elsa Pataky actually got pretty candid about her relationship with Chris Hemsworth, also noting that the two are always striving to see “the positives” even when things aren’t the easiest. I wonder if this includes all of the arguments she's said the two have had about where he's allowed to keep his Thor hammers in the house?

In general, the average person doesn’t really know Chris Hemsworth or Elsa Pataky, but they may have read about them enough or have followed them for long enough on social media that perhaps they feel that they do. Then they go online and see the couple smiling and happy and looking so dang cute like this:

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I think it’s likely that deep down people know happy-looking celebrity couples aren’t perfect. However, when being confronted consistently with shiny, happy people on platforms like Instagram, it can be hard to see that in many ways, celebrities and their lives have imperfections too.

Elsa Pataky may think the whole thing is “funny,” but I kind of get it. The good news is that in real life they may have tiffs and get tired of one another, but they do still have a lot in common. Pataky also told the magazine that some of why their relationship has worked for so long is about finding common ground. For them, it’s being active and outside.

[Chris and I] love to do sports, eat healthy and move our bodies. We’ve got the kids into surfing. Any hobbies to get them outside, and not on social media and computers. My daughter has been horseriding with me since she was two-and-a-half.

So, the secret to a long-lasting marriage? Find things to do together as a family that you all can love. That’s not something you even need millions of dollars to accomplish in your own life. Oh, and look to the positives, even when negatives are rampant. That’s advice that seemingly could help couples everywhere.

Jessica Rawden
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