John Travolta Pays Tribute To Kelly Preston On First Mother's Day After Her Death

John Travolta and Kelly Preston

Have you had a good cry yet today? If not, you better get the tissues ready. Yesterday was Mother’s Day, which is a happy occasion for some wanting to honor the mothers we still have with us, but it can be a somber day for those who have lost mothers and wives. John Travolta beautifully paid tribute to his late wife this Mother’s Day, which marked the first one in nearly 30 years without his wife and mother of his children Kelly Preston.

John Travolta lost the love of his life, wife, and mother to his 3 children last year when Kelly Preston lost her fight to breast cancer at the young age of 57. He took this Mother’s Day as an opportunity to share her light and the love he still has for her in an Instagram post. He posts a photo of the two of them with two of their children and a photo of Preston with their other child with a heartwarming and tear jerking caption. You can check out the post below:

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John Travolta’s caption is practically drenched in love as he thanks his late wife for giving him his children, who he calls “the three most wonderful children he has ever known.” He ends it by saying he and his family loves and misses her.

The comment section of his heartfelt post is full of support and love. There appears to be thousands of heart emojis thrown his way, as well as some equally tear jerking comments from fans. One fan comments that Travolta can feel comfort in the thought that mother and son have now been reunited in heaven, and others are empathizing with how much loss the actor has seen in his life.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s son Jett passed away when he was a teenager, which is a pain they faced together. He suffered a seizure and hit his head on the bathtub while the family was on vacation together back in 2009.

Having lost a son and now the woman he has loved and been married to for nearly 30 years, and both far before their time, John Travolta has seen more than his fair share of love loss. It is safe to say that the actor is still grieving the losses, and he has not appeared or worked on any new projects since the loss of his wife.

Our hearts go out to all those grieving a loss of a loved one, especially during holidays meant to celebrate that person. John Travolta’s tribute to his late wife is a perfect example of how we can give light and love to those important people who have passed. Rest In Peace, Kelly Preston.

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