Justice League 2: After Going Viral For Live-Tweeting, Leslie Jones Explains The Role She Wants For A Sequel

Zack Snyder’s Justice League took over the internet when it dropped on HBO Max earlier this year, with the Twitterverse giving a play-by-play of the four-hour affair. One set of tweets that stood out were from actress/host Leslie Jones’ account. As per usual, Jones’ live tweets about the film went viral. Following that, the comedian has explained the role she wants in a Justice League sequel.

When it comes to live-tweeting any and every event, movie or television series, Leslie Jones is the reigning champ. Jones even got a shout-out from Justice League director Zack Snyder after her tweet fest for the HBO Max cut. Now she's jockeying for a role in Snyder’s next film. A determined Jones said about getting a role in Justice League 2:

It’s going to be even cooler when he puts me in the next one. Oh, I better be in the next one, I live-tweeted for four hours. I better damn be the star of the next one.

Leslie Jones' live-tweeting of Justice League made for a lively weekend, but that’s typical for many of her live-tweet sessions, especially with live events. As the comedic actress pointed out, Zack Snyder’s Justice League is a long-term commitment, so she should be rewarded for her enthusiasm and time.

During her Tonight Show interview, host Jimmy Fallon asked Leslie Jones what role she would want in the Justice League sequel. What the actress/host said about the hypothetical role might surprise fans. Jones told Fallon:

I want to be a villain, and I want to be the worst villain. I want to be the villain that people be like ‘somebody kill this bitch.’

Playing a villain in a superhero movie would be a huge departure for the comedic actress. When most people think of Leslie Jones, they think about her time on SNL or standout roles in big-budget comedies. Taking on a villain role would put Jones’s career on a different trajectory.

The only hang-up is it might be hard for viewers to see Leslie Jones in a dark role after years of making people laugh. Maybe it would work if the role mixed humor with a serious moment, like The Joker. It would be nice to see the comedian step outside her comfort zone, much like comedy greats Whoopi Goldberg, Eddie Murphy and Robin Williams. To hear Jones’ full answer, watch the clip below:

But it's unlikely Leslie Jones’s dream role in Justice League 2 will never happen. Zack Snyder recently admitted a second Justice League movie isn’t in the cards right now. He claimed Warner Bros. is very much “anti-Snyder’" when it comes to his vision of the DCEU. Despite the divide, the director and cast have continued to post behind-the-scenes photos from the HBO Max film. So, Leslie Jones and other DC fans may never get to see her as a DC supervillain. If that changes though, we'll let you know.

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