To All The Boys 3’s Lana Condor Shares Honest Thoughts On Lara Jean And Peter’s Relationship Status Following The Final Film

Lana Condor and Noah Centineo as Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky in To All The Boys: Always and Forever
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Spoilers are ahead for Netflix’s To All The Boys: Always and Forever.

One of Netflix’s biggest runaway hits came in 2018 with To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. The adaptation of Jenny Han’s best selling YA novel ushered in a high-profile trilogy starring Lana Condor and Noah Centineo as high school couple Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky, who are brought together by secret love letters. The story officially concluded earlier this year with LJ and Kavinsky getting ready to stay together long distance in college, but left open the question about whether they would truly be “always and forever”.

Fans of Netflix’s teen franchise who have lived through high school and college might be more skeptical of their fate. The high school sweetheart to staying together ratio does happen, but it's uncommon. Lana Condor shared her thoughts on if she thinks her iconic character would stay with Noah Centineo’s Kavinsky following the end of the trilogy. As she put it:

No, I don’t. … People hate that answer, but I don’t. I think in college they would give it their college try. They’d try their best, but ultimately separate so they can grow apart.

Long distance is not easy, especially when college opens a whole new world of opportunity outside one’s hometown, so Lana Condor is not betting on LJ and Peter to make it through another graduation as a couple. But of course, Always and Forever does leave things open ended, as she ultimately decides to go to school in New York. Meanwhile, her boyfriend stays on track with his plans to move to Northern California, where she had planned to join him before she changes her mind to benefit her own desires.

However, Lana Condor does still have hope for the couple from All The Boys. During her interview with Us Weekly, the 23-year-old actress spoke about what she imagines is next for them in more detail:

I always thought they were endgame, so I do think they would meet after college like in the workplace. As adults once you’ve lived some life then I think they would be together forever after that. But I totally think they would take a break.

I know we’re talking about fictional characters here, but I think Lana Condor is dead on. It wouldn’t only be uncommon, but perhaps unfair to Lara Jean if her first and last boyfriend was Peter Kavinsky. We all grow through having different experiences, and college and one’s 20s are great times to understand what works best for us. Condor continued:

I would love to see Lara Jean as like a 28-year-old, like what’s that like? And in my head, I have this fantasy that she’s living in New York, she’s a journalist or she’s in some capacity writing because obviously books are her thing and she loses herself in them. And, I’d love for them to reunite after years of being apart and getting to know each other as adults. That’s my dream, but no one has come to me with that so now it’s just a dream.

Wouldn’t that be perfect? I’d love to see Lana Condor’s vision come true, because the idea of this older and mature Lara Jean would be so much fun to see after following the character in high school. The actress wants to revisit the character years from now when she and Noah Centineo’s Peter have broken up, but somehow find each other again and fall in love again as adults once they’ve lived life apart. It’s an adorable idea! Netflix, are you taking notes?

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