Respect Trailer: Jennifer Hudson Is Pitch Perfect As Aretha Franklin In New Footage From The Biopic

Few celebrities have had the impact and reach Aretha Franklin had during her time on this Earth. The singer, actress and activist was a true force and, though she’s no longer with us, many continue to pay tribute to her and her legacy. One way she’ll be honored is through the upcoming biopic Respect, which sees Grammy and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson take on the role of the iconic diva. Like many films over the past year, Respect has been delayed but is now set to hit theaters soon. With this, a new trailer has been released, and it further proves just how pitch perfect Jennifer Hudson is as the Queen of Soul.

Last year, fans were treated to the teaser trailer for Respect, but the new trailer manages to dive deeper into the life of the late, great Aretha Franklin. The new footage shows more of Franklin’s early life as a young woman growing up in the church before she eventually found her way onto an even larger stage. Based on the new trailer, Jennifer Hudson manages to capture the different sides of Franklin, including her boldness and sincerity. The trailer also showcases a bit more of Hudson’s castmates, particularly Forest Whitaker (who plays Franklin’s father C.L. Franklin) and Mary J. Blige (in the role of Dinah Washington).

The trailer, of course, also shows off more of Jennifer Hudson’s incredible vocals. By now, many of us know how masterful a singer Hudson is, but Respect seems to be a true showcase for her talents. She seems to gracefully channel Franklin’s sweet sounds while also trying not to copy her. And the actress and singer certainly does justice to the film’s titular song.

Like Aretha Franklin’s, Jennifer Hudson’s road to music stardom was an interesting one. Many surely remember that she first made her way into the public eye as a contestant during the third season of American Idol. While the skilled songstress wouldn’t win the competition, she did strike a chord with viewers and ultimately earned a place in Hollywood and within the ranks of the greatest Idol contestants of all time.

Respect is a production that’s personal for Jennifer Hudson for a few reasons. Not only does she serve as an executive producer but, years ago, Aretha Franklin herself hand-picked her to play the role. While it can’t be easy to step into the shoes of an icon, Hudson seems more than equipped to take on the role.

There’s a lot to love about the latest trailer for Respect, and music fans and biopic lovers are sure to be excited to see Aretha Franklin’s story told on the big screen. It can definitely be said that so far, Jennifer Hudson and director Liesl Tommy are hitting all of the right notes.

Respect is set to grace theaters on August 13, 2021.

Erik Swann
Senior Content Producer

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