The Flash Set Photo Teases The Return Of A Fan Favorite Hero

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As director Andy Muschietti’s The Flash is in the middle of production, there’s been little glimpses here and there as to what’s going on behind the scenes. Recently, the director himself shared a photo of a director’s chair that simply read “Barry,” obviously meant for Ezra Miller’s titular hero to park his suit. But now Andy’s sister and producing partner Barbara, has played a card that teases the return of a fan favorite hero. The only question is, which Bruce Wayne sits in this chair on the set of The Flash?

Sharing her photo as a response to her brother’s previous tease on Instagram, Barbara Muschietti used her turn in this social media game to tease the arrival of the Batman himself. But as we know that The Flash is a multiversal story that will include both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton’s variants of the character, we’re not sure exactly what to make of this news. But the chair itself is not only sharp looking, it holds a clue as to how the masters Wayne will be differentiated on set, as you can see below:

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Taking a look at this Bruce Wayne chair from The Flash set, you can see it’s pretty sharp looking. Using a teal/green sort of coloring, it certainly has a look that stands out. Which leads us to believe that this particular chair belongs to a special Bruce that’s present for the production. Walking a little further with that theory, it could be speculated that this chair belongs to recently confirmed cast mate Michael Keaton, as he’d be the special guest variant that makes The Flash the hotly anticipated event that it is.

That’s not saying Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne would be any less special of a participant in The Flash. But since he’s the version of Batman in Ezra Miller’s home universe, their director’s chairs would be presumed to match. It’d be a sign of continuity, and a really cool detail that keeps everything on set in order. And we definitely know what that other “Bruce Wayne” chair looks like, adding more weight to this particular theory.

Andy Muschietti countered Barbara Muschietti’s bombshell with yet another look at The Flash’s musical chair game. Sure enough, in a white tent, there sits a “Bruce Wayne” chair that’s black and white and can be read all over. Letting the chair itself do the talking, Muschietti simply posted this image :

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Leave it to The Flash’s social media antics to create a new mystery out of something that’s been in the cards for quite some time. It may not be a huge deal figuring out which chair belongs to which Batman star, but it’s certainly a fun game to play while we wait for any sort of breaking news between now and this year’s DC Fandome. Though, should Michelle Pfieffer’s Selina Kyle be in need of a director’s chair on the set, the coloring to that particular seat would more than likely confirm or debunk the theories discussed above. The Flash’s intended debut of November 4, 2022 can’t come soon enough.

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