Ryan Reynolds Shows He’s Having Trouble Getting Back Into The Real World Just Like The Rest Of Us

Ryan Reynolds in the first trailer for Free Guy

The COVID-19 pandemic forced people to set aside old norms for some new ones. Much of the population has spent the last year or so in their pajamas or sweats conducting business over Zoom or various devices. This has created some trouble readjusting to the real world. And celebrities aren’t immune from the rough transition either. Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds just faced that dilemma. The actor showed he’s having just as much trouble as the rest of us getting back into the real world.

The film star recently took to his Instagram Stories to show off his dress attire. Ryan Reynolds gave his followers some insight into being dressed in a suit for the first time in months. Let’s just say his caption echoed others’ sentiments over returning to normal work life after working and living in casual wear for over a year. Check out Reynolds' uncomfortable suit post below:

After not wearing a suit for a year, Ryan Reynolds didn’t know how to feel about being fully dressed once again. Many of us can relate to that. Stars such as Reynolds have gotten used to conducting business, doing interviews or participating in various activities over the internet. As such, being only dressed up from the waist up has become the new norm. Putting on business or formal attire for work became an anomaly as sweatsuits and pajamas became the new office wear. So, it’s understandable if the Free Guy star isn’t quite comfortable being in a suit yet.

But the suit moment was bound to happen for Ryan Reynolds just like the rest of us. With vaccines flowing and mask mandates lifting, it was only a matter of time before it was back to business as usual. I just hope the meeting was exciting for Reynolds as well as fans. Maybe he was plotting his next business venture or talking about his next project. Only time will tell when or if the actor chooses to announce it.

Just because the actor hasn’t worn a suit in over a year doesn’t mean he’s been couped up all quarantine. Along with keeping his feud with Hugh Jackman alive, throwing his support behind LeVar Burton’s quest to become the next Jeopardy! host. He and Jackman did put their feud aside for a young fan’s school pickup. The actor and his wife Blake Lively got fully vaccinated, which may have led to the pitiful suit moment.

Looking at Reynold’s caption and face captured all our sentiments over returning to the office after working from home. Once again, the actor proved he is everyone’s spirit animal. Despite his post, 2021 is shaping up to be a wonderful year for Ryan Reynolds with Free Guy and Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard arriving in theaters on Aug. 13 and June 16, respectively.

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