Hugh Jackman And Ryan Reynolds Paused Their 'Feud' To Bring Joy To A Kid At School Pickup

When it comes to Hollywood feuds, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have quickly become Bette Davis and Joan Crawford lite. The social media trolling between them has toed the line between hilarious and cringe. But at times, Jackman and Reynolds have set aside their differences for varying reasons. Recently, the actors paused their “feud” to bring joy to a kid at school pickup.

This “feud” has made social media more fun during such trying times. But Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman know when to stop the trolling for a special moment. One mom took to Instagram to share the two actors with her little guy at the end of the school day. She even tagged the two in her post. Jackman decided to share the touching moment on his Instagram Story. Upon seeing Jackman’s posts, Reynolds reposted the special moment on his Instagram. Check out Reynolds and Jackman’s touching moment below:

As seen in the photo, the kid appeared both shocked and calm as Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds flacked him. Being surrounded by Wolverine and Deadpool would be a big moment for any young child. Although it is the joy of a young child can stop Jackman and Reynolds from trolling each other to create a special moment. By the looks of the two actors, their focus on him melted away from their differences for one moment.

The kid seemed to be in another world as he got to meet Wolverine and Deadpool for the first time. His mom earned some cool points that day. Meeting Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman will be a story her son can tell for years. Who knew a child’s love for Wolverine and Deadpool would bring these rivals together?

It’s moments like that prove Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman don’t spend their entire day trolling each other. But the Instagram Story with the young boy isn’t the first the two have pushed their “feud” to the side. Last November, the Marvel stars teamed up for a charity event through Walmart off-shot Sam’s Club. Even though, they still took some clever digs at each other. It’s those moments that make the Reynolds-Jackman “feud” well worth it.

Despite these touching moments, the two actors still haven’t given up their hilarious back-and-forth banter. Showing that they are still good frenemies, Hugh Jackman decided to show off some photoshopped images of himself and Ryan Reynolds on Instagram. With talks of Deadpool and Wolverine coming together for Deadpool 3, the actor teamed up with a Marvel fan to troll Reynolds about Wolverine’s inclusion.

But this moment between the little boy and the two actors showed just how much respect Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have for one another. Hopefully, setting aside their “feud” for one moment made a lifelong memory for the boy and his mom.

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