Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Both Have A+ Comments After Getting Vaccinated

The global pandemic has been serious business. After more than a year there is finally light at the end of the tunnel as people are getting vaccinated on a scale never seen before. Given the past 12 months, this means breathing a sigh of relief. For Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, who just got their shots, it means promoting vaccination with some hilarious one-liners.

Honestly, if Ryan Reynolds ever got really serious about something, I'm not sure how we'd all be able to cope. The Deadpool actor seems to have one quip after another at the ready regardless of the circumstances, and getting a shot in the arm is apparently no different. Reynolds pokes fun at those who think there is some dastardly scheme at work with vaccinations. So Reynolds joked about being happy his cell signal is going to improve as a result of his vaccine.

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Although, considering that Ryan Teynolds actually owns a cell phone company, I'm not sure this joke lands quite the way he intended it to. I thought Mint Mobile already had 5G? Maybe Ryan Reynolds is part of the conspiracy.

While Ryan Reynolds was off getting his signal improved, actress and Reynolds' wife, Blake Lively also got her vaccination. And seriously I'm not sure there's a human being alive who will be as truly happy to get this shot as she is. Reynolds may want to watch out because Lively might run off with this nurse, she's clearly so happy to be getting vaccinated.

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Of course, if you know anything about the way Ryan Reynolds makes Deadpool movies, you know that he frequently shoots multiple takes of a scene so that he can try out different jokes to see which one works best. And he apparently had multiple takes on his vaccination punchline as well. In addition to his main post, he dropped a couple alternate takes into his Instagram stories, though these are less about the vaccination itself and more about that killer hat the man is wearing. Blake Lively apparently left hers at home on vaccination day.

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This last one could honestly be used as a poster at bus stops if any health services wanted to use it promote vaccination. It uses a celebrity to endorse the vaccination, and science in general. But it also uses a joke, which helps make it memorable. The online riff continued on Ryan Reynolds' social media, as he posted:

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Vaccination doesn't mean we can all go back to normal immediately, but it does mean we're all headed in that direction. And as this process continues, some normalcy will hopefully follow. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are having some fun with getting their shots but they're also promoting the concept. Talk about using your platform.

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