Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Reminder That Hugh Jackman Still Loves Messing With Ryan Reynolds

Whether it’s in the name of promoting charities, selling their individual films or just having a laugh, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds still love messing with each other. Though Free Guy has been pushed back yet again, and Reynolds kind of gave himself a self-inflicted ribbing during that recent Green Lantern watch party, that hasn’t stopped Mr. Jackman from doing what he does best. A recent social media post showed that this is truly what friends are for.

Using images from the sets of both Logan and Deadpool, Hugh Jackman put together an Instagram story that showed moments when he and Ryan Reynolds entertained young humans at their respective jobs. However, photoshopped in the place of those children’s faces are snapshots of both Jackman and Reynolds in their youth. So if you’ve ever wanted to see Hugh Jackman standing with young Ryan Reynolds, or vice versa, the photo below is for you:

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds meeting their younger selves, in Logan and Deadpool.

But the thing that really nails the joke is that not only did Hugh Jackman share this fun art on Instagram, he also shared it with an inspired choice of musical accompaniment. When you view this image on Jackman’s Instagram story, you can hear “That’s What Friends Are For” by Dionne Warwick, Stevie Wonder and Elton John playing. Though it’s kind of a bummer that Hugh Jackman, who’s still waiting in the wings for The Music Man’s 2022 Broadway opening, couldn’t have sung the song himself for that added personal touch.

As for the really funny photo, that came from an Instagram user who goes by the name karthic.NJ. Judging by a look at his feed, he’s been plenty inspired by Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds’ various shenanigans on the internet. There’s even a sweet image that shows Zack Snyder’s Justice League villain and newly-minted influencer Darkseid flanked by a bag of Jackman’s Walking Man Coffee and a bottle of Reynolds’ Aviation Gin. So obviously Jackman's attention was grabbed for a good reason, and he decided to share the love.

You can almost be certain that somewhere, while balancing his time between promoting a new football club, his Aviation Gin and even his efforts with Mint Mobile, Ryan Reynolds is plotting his next move. It may not come today or even tomorrow. Weeks may even pass by before he responds in kind to Hugh Jackman’s latest round of friendly japery. But you know there’s going to be a reaction, and ultimately, we the fans will be the ones who win in the end.

Meanwhile, fans of those times when Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds actually acted in films rather than bust each other’s chops will be in luck later this year. As Free Guy is set to open on August 13 and Reminiscence will hit theaters and HBO Max on August 27, both Reynolds and Jackman respectively will have films debuting around the same time. So prepare for this August to potentially yield even more comedic fruit from this vineyard of playful wrath.

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