Why The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln Won’t Direct The Rick Grimes Movies

Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead

Over the past decade and change AMC’s The Walking Dead has become a massive television franchise. As the flagship series will have one final season, there’s also two spinoffs on the network. The zombie property will debut in theaters with the upcoming Rick Grimes movie, but Andrew Lincoln recently explained why he won’t be directing any installments.

Andrew Lincoln starred as protagonist Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead throughout the first nine seasons on AMC, before being written out by mysterious circumstances. Fans can’t wait to reunite with the badass survivor, as well as Lincoln’s signature performance. He explained why he won’t be behind the camera on any Walking Dead movie, saying:

I have signed for more than one film. I am a producer on it. I will not be directing, because I don’t like watching myself, so that would be a self-defeating exercise. It would just be the most painful... yeah, it just wouldn’t happen!

Well, that was honest. While revealing that there are plans for multiple Walking Dead movies, Andrew Lincoln also put the kibosh on any directing talks. Instead he’ll be putting his full attention into stepping back into Rick’s shoes, and bringing the same energy and emotion that he did for his acclaimed run on TV.

Andrew Lincoln’s comments to SFX Magazine show where the Love, Actually actor’s head is currently at regarding his Walking Dead return. The pressure will be on for the developing project to bring the franchise into the movie realm. Specifically it’s going to have to perform at the box office, rather than producing numbers for TV viewership.

It’s currently unclear when the mysterious Walking Dead movie will begin production. In the same interview Andrew Lincoln said that he was hoping to begin filming sometime in the spring. But it doesn’t look like there’s currently a start date on that highly anticipated film project. In the meantime, Lincoln is still locked down at home in order to jump into work if he gets the call.

When we last saw Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead, he seemingly sacrificed himself and blew up a bridge in order to protect the communities from a horde of walkers. While the other survivors thought he died, the audience saw him being brought onto a helicopter by Jadis/Anne to places unknown. There’s no telling where the story is headed, and what twists and turns will come to beloved character.

As Andrew Lincoln mentioned, he’s actually signed on for more than one Walking Dead film-- as both star and producer. The series seemingly set up more narrative possibilities last season, when Danai Gurira’s Michonne discovered Rick was alive, and departed Alexandria in hopes of finding him. Perhaps they could finally reunite in a sequel movie?

The Walking Dead will return for its final season on AMC, while its sequels continue on. Be sure to check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

Corey Chichizola
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