The Walking Dead Movie’s Rating Reportedly Revealed

AMC's The Walking Dead has had a fascinating tenure in the pop culture landscape. For a few years the apocalyptic drama was one of the most popular shows on television, and it's seen grown into a massive franchise with two spinoffs. Aside from the zombie adventures on the small screen, fans are eager to see Andrew Lincoln return to the role of Rick Grimes for his own movie-- complete with a theatrical release. Luckily we may know what that mysterious project will be rated.

Andrew Lincoln led the cast of The Walking Dead for its first eight seasons, before being written off back in Season 9. And while he was presumed dead by other characters in-universe, fans saw Rick Grimes being transported to an unknown destination via helicopter. The public has been curious about how the beloved property will translate onto the big screen, especially where MPAA ratings are concerned. And the latest report indicates that the Rick movie will indeed be rated R.

This report is thus far unconfirmed by the studio, and comes to us from noted entertainment scooper Daniel Richtman (via Comic Book). But hearing that the mysterious Walking Dead movie will likely be rated R is sure to be a relief for the hardcore fandom who have spent a decade. After all, the AMC shows are known for its over the top, gory violence. So slapping a movie with a PG-13 would likely see a way less gruesome version of the story.

Almost nothing is known about the Walking Dead movie's contents, as the powers that be are keeping their cards close to the chest. The movie's development process was delayed as a result of the pandemic, with Andrew Lincoln instead focusing his talents on the stage version of A Christmas Carol across the pond. But now that the holidays are over, we'll just have to wait and see if the Rick Grimes flick finally comes together.

The last we heard from Love, Actually actor Andrew Lincoln, he expected to finally suit up as Rick Grimes when The Walking Dead movie begins filming this coming Spring. Obviously this is just an estimation at this point, as the cast, crew, and filming schedule for the flick will need to be worked out over the next few months. Still, Walking Dead fans have missed Lincoln's signature character, and are eager to catch back up with the former sheriff's deputy.

Anticipation for The Walking Dead movie has been steadily growing since it was released a few years back, especially since it was revealed that Andrew Lincoln's return to the zombie apocalypse would be getting the full theatrical treatment. And while the flagship show's narrative has moved on from Rick's departure, last season seemingly set up a potential plot point for the mysterious film.

The Walking Dead managed to move on after Andrew Lincolns' departure through the use of a time jump, revealing how the world changed since bullets became a scarcity. And when actress Danai Gurira was written off last year, it was because Michonne realized Rick was still alive and departed in hopes of finding him. So could these two characters reunite in the developing film? Only time will tell.

For those unable to wait for the movie, The Walking Dead franchise will continue through the three series currently running on AMC. In the meantime, check out our 2021 release list to plan your trips to the movies this year.

Corey Chichizola
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