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Walking Dead Creator Explains How Rick Grimes’ Movie Will Be Different From The Show

Rick Grimes covered in dirt

Since The Walking Dead debuted on AMC back in 2010, the apocalyptic drama has only continued to expand. In addition to the flagship series, there are two spinoffs airing. Additionally, fans are eager to see the developing Rick Grimes movie, which is expected to have a full theatrical run. While we wait to see Andrew Lincoln play his signature character, creator Robert Kirkman addressed how the film will be different from his run on the small screen.

Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes was the undisputed protagonist of The Walking Dead before he was written off in Season 9. But his final scene set up his eventual transition to the big screen, as we saw Jadis/Anne rescue him and take him on a helicopter to places unknown. The movie will mark the franchise's debut in theaters, and Robert Kirkman teased its contents, saying:

I think that the show is very much an ensemble story and this is very much Rick story. So, I think being able to focus more on Rick as a character and do more with him is really cool. I think it's gonna be a very different kind of Walking Dead story, which is really exciting. You know, when you're doing something like this you have to make sure that it makes sense for it to be a movie. This isn't just some kind of expansion of what you're expecting from the show. This is something that's gonna be very different but it's gonna be the Rick Grimes that we all know and love. And I'm very excited for people to finally see it when it's released in 2032.

While poking fun about the current state of the entertainment industry, this tease about the Walking Dead movie is sure to thrill long-time fans of the zombie series. Namely because we'll be getting such a deep dive into Rick Grimes' psyche. And it's probably going to get dark.

Robert Kirkman's comments to ComicBook definitely makes sense for Walking Dead fans who are caught up with the current season. While the series was always an ensemble project, this became especially true once Rick was written off. The bonus Season 10 episodes are each focused on a small group of survivors, highlighting how many characters we're currently following.

Considering Rick Grimes flew away from Alexandria on a mystery helicopter, there's no telling where the Walking Dead movie will take Andrew Lincoln's signature character. Robert Kirkman is teasing how different of a story it'll be, so the sky's the limit. And if Rick's movie is successful, perhaps we'll get more entries on the big screen.

Indeed, The Walking Dead did seemingly set up another big screen appearance for Danai Gurira's Michonne. Earlier in Season 10, Michonne found out that Rick was alive and departed to try and find her apocalyptic husband. But given the the show's time jump, it seems unlikely that she'll appear in the Rick Grimes movie. Although if she did, the fans would no doubt be thrilled.

It's currently unclear when The Walking Dead movie will begin filming, but it's in active development. In the meantime, check out our 2021 release list to plan your next movie experience.

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