Jackass 4: As Feud With Bam Margera Continues, Director Takes Legal Action

Bam Margera sits under a skylight

The Jackass boys are working on their fourth and potentially final installment of their film series, and the world couldn’t be happier. Unless you happen to be someone like former participant Bam Margera, who has been locked in a recent feud with Johnny Knoxville and the rest of the team. That drama has now gotten to the point where director Jeff Tremaine has taken legal action, and filed a temporary restraining order against Margera.

Reporting from TMZ has come out and stated that the supposed story of how Bam Margera was thrown off of Jackass 4 has gotten hot enough that Tremaine felt this litigious step was the best course of action. While there was a back and forth about whether or not Margera would be a part of Jackass 4’s cast, according to Bam’s own accounts, he was misled in reference to his part in the series’ future. Knowing the outlandish behavior that we’ve seen Bam Margera and the Jackass guys have put on camera, one can see why a restraining order might come into play.

Of course, the alleged other side to the story is that Margera was cut from the team for a very valid reason. With Jackass 4’s production requiring that Bam Margera stick to regulations pertaining to his treatment for substance abuse, his supposed violation of those requirements is apparently what led to his dismissal. Ultimately this reportedly led to Margera becoming rather upset, as well as the feud that still rages to this very moment.

As production on the long awaited sequel is currently underway, with some rather wild stunts already being mentioned by Jackass 4 cast members like Steve-O, you could imagine the worst case scenario being Margera crashing the set of the sequel. While real life drama has been shown throughout both the MTV series and the Paramount film franchise, the last thing anyone wants to see is an old friend brawling with his old co-workers.

With Johnny Knoxville ready to hang up his hat after Jackass 4, it could mean curtains for the series overall. That circumstance shines an even more bittersweet light on the tempers flaring up between Bam Margera and the IP that put him on the map, as it’s basically benching a star player right before the final victory dance. It’s not ideal, but on the flip side of things, it sounds like the Jackass crew is doing this in the name of Margera’s health and wellbeing.

One could hope that Bam Margera and his Jackass family might be able to mend fences, in order for him to maybe return in some way, shape, or form to Jackass 4. But considering the movie’s due out this October, and just how nasty the relationship seems between all involved, that doesn’t seem to be likely. Whatever happens, Jackass 4 is slated to be in theaters to wow audiences with acts of personal injury and entertaining foolishness, on October 22.

Mike Reyes
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