Twilight Director Finally Explains Why Emmett Cullen Randomly Carries Around Eggs

Cullens cafeteria table, Kellan Lutz's Emmett Cullen bag of eggs
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Twilight has long been a cult favorite and with that comes many viewings by fans. Sure, we love to quote the various lines from Catherine Hardwicke’s adaptation of the bestselling vampire books, but there’s also a few elements of the movie you’d probably only notice if you’ve seen the movie on repeat. One detail that has puzzled fans for over a decade is Kellan Lutz’s Emmett Cullen carrying around a Ziploc bag of hard-boiled eggs in the cafeteria sequence when Bella learns of the Cullens.

One major theory that is popular among fans is the idea that the vampire thinks that humans who are trying to get fit do spend their time consuming hard-boiled eggs and so he decided to make it an accessory for himself to carry around and appear like one of them. Now, Catherine Hardwicke has finally cleared up why Emmett Cullen randomly carries around those eggs in Twilight:

I saw Kellan one day carrying a bag of, like, one dozen hard-boiled eggs. I’m like, 'What in the hell is going on? You're not going to eat like a dozen eggs, are you?' I never had seen anybody carrying around a Ziploc bag of one dozen eggs and going to eat them all day long. I was just laughing so hard. I’m like, 'OK, [Emmett] has to have those eggs. You have to carry that in that scene,' because it was just outrageous.

In other words, Kellan Lutz was totally that guy who was really carrying around hard-boiled eggs due to his work with a trainer to get his Twilight body. The director told Insider that when she noticed the cast member was doing this, she thought it was a “quirky detail” that had to be in the actual film. And thus it was! Back in 2020, Kellan Lutz shared this photo of him and his eggs:

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Based on that Instagram caption, Kellan Lutz has clearly been asked about the egg thing for years, but he told Insider that it was a secret he was willing to take to “the grave” if Catherine Hardwicke didn’t decide to settle it once and for all. As it turns out, it was more of a cast inside joke than any particular detail about the vampire. Of course the Cullens don’t eat, so it wasn’t part of his character’s diet. But we can totally see Emmett using it as a prop to look human.

It’s a detail like this that makes one realize how fun it must have been on the set of Twilight. Catherine Hardwicke and the cast were making bold and fascinating choices throughout the shoot and it contributed to the movie being successful and relevant 13 years later. Stephenie Meyer recently continued the story with Midnight Sun, which is Twilight rewritten from Edward’s perspective.

Kellan Lutz welcomed his first daughter with his wife earlier this year and Twilight’s Edward and Bella are gearing up for huge roles, with Robert Pattinson soon starring as The Batman and Kristen Stewart set to play Princess Diana in Spencer.

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