Vin Diesel Has A Fast And Furious Memorial Day Reminder For The Fans

Vin Diesel in the Fast Saga

Fans have been waiting years for the next film in the Fast Saga to hit theaters, and the wait is almost over. Head of the Fast Family Vin Diesel never misses a beat when it comes to updating fans and hyping up the world-wide successful saga, and this Memorial Day Weekend is no different. The Fast & Furious star used today’s all-American holiday to stress the importance of family and remind fans that his on screen family is almost back together again as the theatrical release of F9 steadily approaches.

It’s no secret that Vin Diesel cherished family, and that the Fast Saga is held in high regard to the action star as being pretty much a part of that family. Diesel took to his Instagram this weekend to remind fans that the Fast Family is coming to theaters in less than a month now and share a sweet photo of him and his real-life son. You can check out the heartwarming photo below:

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While Memorial Day is meant to honor all of those who served and have fallen in the line of duty to our country, it is also a time to spend with family and reflect together. It seems Vin Diesel is doing just that with what appears to be a throwback of him and his now 10-year-old son Vincent Sinclair.

His son will appear in the upcoming F9as a younger version of Vin Diesel's character Dom. This will be Vincent Sinclair’s first film appearance, and seems to cement the idea that there is already a thin line between Vin Diesel’s personal idea of family, the star having been known for long considering the Fast cast as family.

Even though this is the first time one of Vin Diesel’s children will appear in the Fast Saga, it’s not the first time Vin Diesel’s two families have correlated. His first child Pauline Sinclair is named after his Fast & Furious costar and dear friend Paul Walker, who most people know passed away back in 2013 way before his time. Walker still continues to inspire the Saga, even appearing in the franchise posthumously.

The Fast Saga may be extra close to Vin Diesel’s heart, so much so that he has now put his only son in the 9th installment, because of how close he was to Paul Walker and now the rest of the Fast Family. In fact, the long running franchise ending at 10 installments carries out a promise he had made to Walker before his death, which probably is in the running for longest and more expensive promise ever fulfilled.

Fans are obviously just as excited as the cast for F9 to release and ready for some wild stunts, fast cars, and even a trip to space. F9 is set to head to theaters June 25 - which is only weeks away and just in time for things to start getting back to normal at the box office.

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