How Much Longer Fast And Furious’ Jordana Brewster Wants To Remain With The Franchise

Jordana Brewster in Fast & Furious

The Fast And Furious franchise has come a long way in the 20 years it has been around, and so has the Fast Family. Jordana Brewster was just 21 years old when Paul Walker’s character caught hers in the first film, and she has continued her role in the franchise into her 40’s. Brewster will reprise her role as Dom’s sister, Brian’s children’s mother, and all-around badass in the upcoming F9. She’s been a staple in the Fast franchise, and now the actress has spoken out about just how long she’d like to stay in the role of Mia.

20 years is a long time to hold a role, but it seems like Jordana Brewster doesn’t think it’s quite long enough, because she tells Entertainment Weekly that she’d like another 20 years of the role under her belt. Brewster says she’d love to come back into her 60s as the mother of Brian’s children as the next generation of the Fast family takes up the reins of the franchise. Here’s what the actresses says, in her own words:

I think actresses get better with age. So I'd love to play Mia in her 50s or 60s, with what Brian's kids would be like in their teens or 20s. What are they doing? Am I hiding out somewhere? What's going on there? Do they get in some shit that then Vin and I need to rescue them from? I think that would be really fun. So down the line, I think it can keep going and going, because generations to generations and the kids can step up.

The way she sees it, actresses just get better with age. Honestly, she is pretty solid proof of that belief, because the last 20 years has been very good to Jordana Brewster. While her character was both beautiful and strong in the very first Fast film, her presence in the franchise has only gained ground on both counts. The strength she has shown in the franchise has grown exponentially as she has saved her family time and time again, along with providing for her children upon entering motherhood.

There is no doubt that if we were to see a 50 or 60 year old Mia down the line somewhere that she will not have shrunk with age and become frail - she will only have become more of a powerful force that we see her as. While her children have not seen the dangers that she and her adult family have, they surely will be in the line of fire if they follow in their parents’ and uncle’s footsteps later down the road, and I definitely wouldn’t want to mess with Mia when that happens.

While it has been confirmed that the Fast franchise is ending with 10 films, fulfilling a promise made by Vin Diesel to the late Paul Walker, it’s not unreasonable to think there may be a revival in the future as well as more spin-off films. You’ve got to admit, Jordana Brewster’s proposal and willingness to take on the role in another 20 years down the line isn’t as far-fetched as the Fast & Furious franchise going into space, and that’s already come to pass. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for the entire Fast Family being down to reprise their old roles in another 20 years.

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