Will You See In The Heights In Theaters?

Anthony Ramos watches everyone dancing outside his window in In The Heights.

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In this new era of moviegoing, some studios are experimenting with much shorter windows between the theatrical and streaming releases of a film like director Jon M. Chu’s In The Heights. But in the case of that film’s home studio, Warner Bros, the experiment is much more aggressive with a simultaneous streaming debut window on its streaming platform, HBO Max. So how should a fan of Lin-Manuel Miranda and Quiara Alegría Hudes’ big musical enjoy the feature film adaptation? Well, let’s talk out the options if you're still deciding whether or not you’ll see In The Heights in theaters.

Seeing In The Heights In Theaters

As someone who got to see In The Heights in a premium theater setting, I can’t suggest the experience highly enough. Not only does the scope of the film beg to be seen on a huge screen, but the soundtrack is one that absolutely needs a big sound system behind it. However, if you need a really good reason to head out to the theater, check out what director Jon M. Chu himself said on Twitter:

ALERT!! Box Office matters. Show up. Buy a ticket for a friend, a school, co workers, total strangers..whoever needs to see it. Each ticket is a vote for more movies that showcase the incredible Latina/Latino talent & stories that are still out there. Make it a fact.

If you’re a mega fan of In The Heights, as well as big screen musicals that really use the medium to its full potential, the answer couldn’t be clearer. However, some may prefer to stay home and watch the movie streaming instead.

Watching In The Heights At Home

While movie theaters, and moviegoers, are pretty keen to return to the movies, there’s a chance that you might not feel up to going to the theater just yet. Thankfully, ad-free HBO Max subscribers will have the option to watch In the Heights streaming in the safety of their own homes. However, there are two big catches: the film will be available for ad-free subscribers only, and it will only be available until July 11. After which time, subscribers of both tiers of HBO Max will have to wait until the film returns to HBO after its theatrical run.

If you're not an HBO Max subscriber, you can sign up here.

What People Are Saying About The Movie

As the official CinemaBlend reviewer of In The Heights, I’m a bit biased when it comes to my recommendation of the film. I loved the movie, especially after seeing it in a premium theatrical experience, and think it should be seen by everyone. However, there have been quite a few critics that have weighed in with their thoughts as well, and the results seem to be very positive.

Of course, the decision is down to you, the viewer, on whether or not you’ll see In The Heights in a theater or not. And you can currently make that decision, whether you’re headed to the movies or ready to purchase an ad-free HBO Max subscription. If you’re interested in the latter option, you can check out the current six month prepaid subscription offer that’s currently running. No matter how you choose to view the film, be safe, and enjoy In The Heights!

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