Domhnall Gleeson Has A Wild Story About Rose Byrne Almost Getting Electrocuted On The Peter Rabbit 2 Set

The craft of acting sometimes demands that its participants go to some extreme places, all in the name of a performance. Whether it’s a dramatic and sweeping film or a family-friendly blockbuster like Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway, that same rule applies, and the results can sometimes be quite extreme. Take, for example, the fact that Domhnall Gleeson and Rose Byrne shared a scene in their new sequel where, according to Gleeson, Ms. Byrne went so hard that she almost got electrocuted.

Believe it or not, that story is actually true! I learned all about this potentially dangerous moment as, during our Peter Rabbit 2 interview, I was able to speak with both Rose Byrne and Domnhall Gleeson about their roles in the latest Beatrix Potter-based adventure. When I had asked them if there was a moment that they truly lost themselves in the process of making the movie, Mr. Gleeson shared the following:

There was a bit with Rose that isn’t in the movie. There was a bit where we started eating all the candy on the train, where we’re eating all these treats. And one of the most amazing, I just sat back and I enjoyed it, and I hope that’s not why it’s not in the movie, but we’re robbing things, like all the sweets, and putting them in our bags. And then was like an old timey lantern sticking out of the wall on this old time train. Rose like held onto it, and put her legs up against the wall, and tried to yank the whole light fitting off of the set, to put it in her bag and take it home. It made me laugh so much, I was like ‘Yeah, Rose!’ Maybe that was the problem, but it was amazing. And you just hear all these electricians shouting, ‘That’s live! That’s live!’ … It’s the most I’ve ever laughed on anything afterwards. It was like Rose kicked into a gear I didn’t know existed for anyone.

If you’ve seen Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway, or even if you’ve merely glimpsed the trailers, this moment was set to take place during the big train ride taken by Thomas and Bea MacGregor, as well as Peter Rabbit and his family. As they’re making their way to a big meeting that will see Rose Byrne’s Bea striking a big deal with an ambitious publisher, played by David Oyelowo, a bowl full of jelly beans go to Cottontail’s head. Cue the gigantic sugar rush for the green-sweatered bunny that leads to her proclaiming that she’ll live forever; as you’ll see in the trailer for the film below:

Apparently that wasn’t the only madness that was supposed to take place on that train, as Domhnall Gleeson has now revealed at least one deleted scene that could be included with Peter Rabbit 2’s home release. Perhaps in the same spirit of improv that saw both James Corden and Elizabeth Debicki adding on to their animated characters, Rose Byrne seized the moment and tried to steal an antique lighting fixture from a really nice train set. It’s a good thing she failed too, as success in this case would have literally been shocking.

Obviously everyone’s health and safety is important when making a movie, but when the muse strikes, you sometimes have to walk that line. Also, if you look at the lighting on the train in that part of the trailer, it looks like it would have taken a lot of force to even get anywhere with stealing such an object. Thankfully, everyone went home unscathed, and Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway didn’t involve any mayhem that couldn’t be handled. Still, this is a moment too good not to wind up on the blooper reel in the future.

That time hasn’t come just yet though, as Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway is still in theaters and there’s no blooper reel to speak of attached to the finished film. And if you’ve already seen this particular movie, then you’ll probably want to check out the 2021 release schedule. There’s plenty of adrenaline-filled thrills waiting for you throughout the year, and who knows what other fantastic stunts will rank in as part of this year’s best action scenes, with or without the participation of rabbits.

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