Tyrese Gibson Says He And Ludacris Have A Big Idea For Where Fast And Furious 10 Should Go

Tej and Roman in Fast Five (2011)

It’s no secret that the Fast family holds the franchise dear to their hearts and would even jump at the opportunity to keep the Fast Saga going long into the future. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that even before F9 has been released in theaters, they are already chatting about where they’re going in F10. And apparently, Tyrese Gibson and co-star Ludacris have one big idea for Fast and Furious 10 that would take the Fast family somewhere they haven’t gone before.

Apparently Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris want to take the Fast Saga to a new country. And during a recent interview SiriusXM, Gibson revealed the sweet reason he and his co-star would like the franchise to make this move. Here it is in the actor’s own words:

I think me and Luda’s always had this idea, think it’s time for us to head to Africa. South Africa needs some love, some real estate and be in on this franchise. It could be really amazing to figure out something that we can do in South Africa. Cape Town, just somewhere that’s just got one of those beautiful skylines with ocean. Just the Fast and the Furious package.

The Fast Franchise has taken Tyrese Gibson’s character and the rest of the Fast family all over the world, and the upcoming F9 even takes two of the characters into the ultimate frontier. The journey the franchise has taken over the course of the nine movies is amazing, and adding the stunning landscape of South Africa, with its beautiful scenery meshing with the franchise’s sleek cars, would certainly be exciting.

Space isn’t the only place that F9 will take viewers, either. In the same interview, Tyrese Gibson touches on the fact that they went to Jordana Brewster’s mother’s home country of Brazil. Gibson went on to mention what the experience was like for his co-star and compared it with a possible venture to South Africa. Here it is in the actor's own words:

Being as that Jordana is Brazilian, for us to shoot in Brazil felt like a homecoming for her and her family. You know, I just think it would be a big deal to do something in South Africa. I think it would be amazing.

As cool as it would be to see the Fast family racing through the beautiful landscape of South Africa, wherever they go in Fast and Furious 10 is bound to be pretty epic. That is, if they can top F9 (which critics are saying could be difficult)! The latest in the Fast Saga, F9, has been crushing the box office in other parts of the world but, here in the US, you'll finally be able to check it out when it officially roars into theaters this Friday, June 25.

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