Why Tom Cruise Is Reportedly Being Blamed For Mission: Impossible 7's Latest Delay

Mission: Impossible 7 is still one of the most anticipated blockbusters fans have been waiting for despite production being delayed multiple times. Last year filming was stopped several times during the coronavirus pandemic. Tom Cruise also famously ranted about health and safety protocols once the show got back on the road, leading to varying reactions from fans, though much of the crew defended the actor. Unfortunately, this isn't the end of the saga, as filming has reportedly once again been shut down due to a Covid outbreak, and now the MI7 crew is reportedly blaming the megastar for the latest delay.

Tom Cruise was furious social distancing rules weren't previously being followed on Mission: Impossible 7, but now there is an insider claiming that the crew may actually be blaming Cruise for the latest shutdown. There is a rumor being swirled around that the cause of the latest Covid incident is allegedly Tom Cruise’s fault, with said “insider" telling the British publication The Sun:

Filming on Mission Impossible 7 is on hold again because of coronavirus. And this time, those working on the production have said they think Tom could be the possible cause of the postponement. ... Everyone on the set was told that filming was being stopped again because of a positive test. And since then, Tom hasn’t been on set once. Now people are speculating that he could have come into contact with the person who tested positive. And in some cases, people are even gossiping and saying it could be him.

The insider isn't named and this is clearly someone hedging what's happened at this point, but the person is claiming that Tom Cruise is allegedly at fault for the latest postponement following a positive Covid test on set. Allegedly, since Tom Cruise has not been seen on set since that, rumor has it he is the person who likely came into contact with someone who tested positive. The possibility that Cruise was involved is enough for those rumors to have blown up big, thought it's worth pointing out Cruise may simply be skittish when Covid is involved.

I mean, seriously, take this one with a grain of salt, as the insider goes on to clarify the rumor saying:

Obviously there is no proof of that, but it’s not stopped people ­gossiping about it. It’s now become a joke on set, with people saying how ironic it would be if Tom was the reason they had to press pause again.

Look, the rumor could just be a response from the crew to the chewing out Tom Cruise gave the crew last year. There is no proof that it was Tom Cruises’ fault; thought it's easy to see how a rumor like this could be developed with the crew on set given the events of the last year and the irony of the situation should it be Cruise who had Covid-19.

Regardless of what's going on, it looks like Mission: Impossible 7 has hit another snag, but fans are still excited to see what dangerous and sometimes brutal stunts will be on display in the latest flick. Tom Cruise will surely be doing something even more daring than his motorcycle sequence from Mission: Impossible Fallout that could have gone wrong and we've already seen some hints at the train sequence that is to come. Covid or no Covid, once this movie hits it will definitely be hotly anticipated.

While we wait for an actual trailer for Mission: Impossible 7, we will have to settle for teases for set pieces and stunts or perhaps even rewatching the films in order. Again, the franchise should be worth the wait, and hopefully, there will no more delays in production for the seventh or eighth installments.

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