Ryan Reynolds Celebrates Finally Joining TikTok With An A+ Just Friends Reference

Anna Faris and Ryan Reynolds awkwardly sit on a couch together in Just Friends.

Ryan Reynolds has been crushing the social media game through his efforts in hilarious advertising, as well as his comedic feud with Hugh Jackman. But apparently there was still a frontier to conquer for the Deadpool star, as he hadn’t joined the ranks of TikTok until just recently. To celebrate, Reynolds made the world a promise to the world, for better or worse, with an A+ reference to an underrated gem he happened to star in: 2005’s Just Friends.

Just as he did in the role of Chris Brander, Ryan Reynolds lip-synced the the All-4-One-sung classic “I Swear.” Only, instead of doing so under prosthetic makeup, it’s 100% all-natural Reynolds in a white shirt, fake singing his heart out. You know you want to see it for yourself, so feast your eyes on the man’s triumphant entrance into TikTok below:


If you’re a Just Friends fan, you’re definitely having flashbacks right about now. As one of the earlier comedy hits in Ryan Reynolds’ career, he got to play around with an amazing cast that included Amy Smart, Chris Klein and Anna Faris. It was also one of the best playgrounds for the trademark snark and smarm that the severely-friendly Reynolds has parlayed into several of his hit movies.

As the story of the film goes, Ryan Reynolds’ high school loser Chris Brander grows up and becomes a powerful player in the music business. So this tale of 'before and after' needs an interesting 'before' to lead to the very crazy 'after' that plays out through Just Friends’ landscape of missteps, accidents and unrequited love. Which leads to the clip of that opening, complete with Ryan Reynolds in prosthetic makeup, that’s included here for your amusement:

Debuting his presence on TikTok with a callback to a deep cut in his resume, Ryan Reynolds clearly understands his fans. Those who have taken his ride to stardom, and survived both X-Men: Origins - Wolverine and Green Lantern, will appreciate the reference to an underrated gem. But those who are relatively new to the crowd, and ready to move past watching 6 Underground on a loop, now have a new Reynolds flick to hunt for their enjoyment.

If you’re looking for new Ryan Reynolds excitement, The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard is currently in theaters, and Free Guy will be headed your way on August 13. Meanwhile, if you want to watch Just Friends again, or for the first time, you’ll have to either rent/purchase the film or use your cable subscription to watch it on TNT/TBS On Demand. And if you still don’t know where to take your eyes next, then we swear the 2021 release schedule can give you the moon and the stars and the sky. Or, at the very least, a rundown of what’s to come at a theater near you.

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