Free Guy Has Screened And Ryan Reynolds Is Sharing Some Fan Reactions

Everybody probably has that one movie they've been waiting a year or more to see following the pandemic delay of nearly everything. For some it may be the next entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For others it was the recently released F9. If all you really want to do in a theater is laugh, then perhaps the movie you've been waiting for is Ryan Reynolds' Free Guy. Good news: that wait is almost over. For a few lucky souls, the wait actually is over, and Reynolds is sharing early reactions.

Free Guy has been screening for some early preview audiences, and Ryan Reynolds has been sharing some of the comments on his Instagram. Needless to say, Reynolds is sharing some pretty glowing responses. Of course, the movie looks pretty hilarious so there probably aren't a lot of negative responses to start with. And some people are getting quite creative with their praise and their graphics.

Ryan Reynolds instagram stories

Free Guy is the story of Guy, a character in a video game who isn't even the main character in a video game. Eventually he discovers the truth, and hilarity ensues. When Guy develops a mind of his own, it gets noticed by those playing the game, and eventually by the world, as he begins to inadvertently cause a bit of havoc in the game world.

That's a premise that seems destined to be funny and based on the early responses of those that have seen Free Guy, it truly is. The people who have seen it certainly seem to love it, and they're encouraging everybody else to go see it too. One specific reaction calls out the film's VFX as being top notch. Considering that most of the film appears to take place in a digital world, we can see just how those effects would need to be something special, and have the potential to really add to the overall experience.

Ryan Reynolds instagram stories

At least as of right now, Free Guy is set to be a theatrical only release. Ryan Reynolds has spoken recently about his love for the theater experience, to the point of getting emotional when watching videos of people sharing movies together. Certainly, Reynolds hopes that people will come together to experience Free Guy as well. And it has to be said there's nothing quite like seeing a really funny movie in a theater with other people. All the jokes seem funnier when everybody is laughing at them and you can get swept up in the experience.

Ryan Reynolds instagram stories

While Free Guy may have been seen by a few people, most of us will have to wait a little while longer. The movie is set to open August 13. On the plus side, seeing fan reactions this early certainly does indicate that the expectation is that the vast majority of responses will be good. When the rest of us do it, we'll likely be able to laugh just as hard as we hoped to.

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