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Call Arnold Schwarzenegger, Because Jingle All The Way’s Turbo Man Is Back In Stores

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Turbo Man in Jingle all the Way

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Where’s your Christmas spirit? Ok, I know it’s July, but where is it? Or better yet, before you end up chasing some lady down on the street, where is your Turbo-Man action figure? The holidays must have certainly come early because someone actually found the popular Jingle All The Way toy on store shelves and took it home. Yeah… really! Someone get in touch with Arnold Schwarzenegger stat!

The character was, of course, the subject of the 1996 movie. Turbo-Man was a television character and action figure written for the movie, which saw Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad’s characters desperately on the hunt for the coveted toy on Christmas Eve while doing some last-minute shopping. Well, look no further this year, because one TikToker found it. Check out their post down below:

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I’m happy for the ‘90s kids, but this is honestly so random. Why does Walmart have Turbo-Man? Aside from the viral TikTok making its rounds, we can confirm that Walmart is in fact exclusively selling Turbo-Man action figures at their locations for $35 a pop. The figure was made by the Funko company and the packaging teases electronic lights and sounds, three action accessories and a number of buttons to push. The figure is 13.5 inches tall and fully posable. Get a closer look at it:

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It’s a great find and a truly awesome pick for those who grew up watching Jingle All The Way without the means to get the toy because it was a fictional character. We’ll certainly have to see if the toy remains available into the holiday season when the movie is getting viewed on a much more regular basis. For the nostalgia, here’s a famous scene from the flick when Schwarzenegger’s dad character is looking for the toy during his late shopping:

Arnold Schwarzenegger would definitely get a kick out of seeing the famed character. He also actually slipped into the costume from the movie in actual stores 25 years after the film’s release. Over the years, Jingle All The Way has continued to cycle through households during the holiday season. Not only that, but the movie even spawned a sequel in 2014, which starred Larry the Cable Guy in the lead role, but let’s be honest here, it just wasn’t the same.

Schwarzenegger recently became a grandfather with the birth of his eldest daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger’s baby girl Lyla Maria. The 31-year-old gave birth last summer to the daughter she shares with Jurassic World star Chris Pratt. Considering the recent fatherhood milestone, can we get another Jingle All The Way centering on a grandfather, perhaps with Pratt involved? That’d be fun!

We’d imagine the Turbo-Man release has something to do with the movie’s coming 25-year anniversary this November. Looks like it’s Turbo-Time!

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