Arnold Schwarzenegger And Chris Pratt Both Got Sweet Father’s Day Tributes From Katherine Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt

Father’s Day is a holiday that, while not celebrated in a federal capacity, holds a very important purpose for those who celebrate. Gift exchanges, events, and well wishes are usually dished out aplenty and, in the case of recent mom Katherine Schwarzenegger, she got to deploy that last part twice over. Not only did she get to wish a happy Father’s Day to her own father, Arnold Schwarzenegger, she also gave similarly warm wishes to her husband, and father in his own right, Chris Pratt.

Another common thread to both of these Father’s Day posts, besides the fact that Arnold and Chris are both fathers, is the fact that they both get to play influential roles in the life of Lyla Marie Pratt. Starting with her Instagram message to her own father, Katherine Schwarzenegger spoke of the joy she felt as Arnold’s daughter, as well as the happiness she feels watching him grow as a grandfather. Completing the post shown below is a nice selection of photographs from the Schwarzenegger family, as you can see for yourself:

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While we may not know what Lyla Marie looks like, as she’s been hidden from both Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt’s social media presence, you could imagine how adorable it must be to see her with her grandfather. Arnold Schwarzenegger has kind of acted like a dad or grandfather to the internet as of late, especially with his humorous and heartfelt videos of keeping in shape and staying safe during a pandemic. So it wouldn’t be that surprising to eventually hear stories of how Whiskey and Lulu have been entertaining the smallest member of the Schwarzenegger family.

And then there’s Katherine Schwarzenegger’s message to her husband and Jurassic World: Dominion star Chris Pratt. Not only do Katherine’s praises continue to congratulate Mr. Pratt for becoming a first-time “girl dad,” but she also makes sure to commend Pratt for his fathering skills in raising his son Jack:

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Sharing Father’s Day celebrations in general is heartwarming on its own. But to see Katherine Schwarzenegger able to pride both her own father and husband as role models for her own daughter just makes it all so much more lovely. Maybe one day, we’ll get to see grandfather and father collaborate on a project that sees them celebrating this holiday, as well as many others, in snapshot friendly ways that can be shared with us fans.

While we’re not sure when we’ll next see Arnold Schwarzenegger on our screens, we can definitely tell you when to watch out for Chris Pratt’s return. You can see Pratt being a girl dad on Prime Video this summer, as The Tomorrow War is set to premiere on July 2nd. But if you want to look out for any of the other thrills that the year has to offer, both on the big and small screen, the 2021 release schedule will help you find such adventure very easily.

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