Taika Waititi’s Description Of How ‘Crazy’ Thor: Love And Thunder Will Be Is So On Brand

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Filmmaker Taika Waititi made his Marvel debut with Thor: Ragnarok, which was a massive success that brought new life to the God of Thunder’s franchise. Fans were thrilled to learn that he’d be back to collaborate with Chris Hemsworth on the upcoming sequel Love and Thunder, which recently wrapped principal photography down under. And the Oscar-winning filmmaker’s description of how “crazy” the new Thor movie will be is so on brand.

Aside from his skill as a writer-director, Taika Waititi is also known for his delightful personality. His sense of humor usually makes its way into his acclaimed movie projects, and fans are especially eager to see him dive back into the MCU with Thor: Love and Thunder. The Jojo Rabbit director recently spoke to the contents of that mysterious blockbuster, saying:

Well, just between (me and) you and the readers, I’ve done some crazy shit in my life. I’ve lived, like, ten lifetimes. But it’s the craziest film I’ve ever done.

Color me intrigued. Considering just how bonkers some of Taika Waititi’s projects have been, including Thor: Ragnarok, it’s hard to imagine how much farther he could go. But it seems Love and Thunder did just that, so bring on the fan theories and rumors.

Taika Waititi’s comments to Empire are sure to excite the Marvel fans who have been patiently awaiting any indication of Thor: Love and Thunder’s contents. The studio is known for its tight security, so very little has been actually revealed about the God of Thunder’s fourth solo flick. But considering the inclusion of the Guardians of the Galaxy and the return of Jane Foster, it certainly seems like Waititi has some big concepts to work with.

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While being careful to continue guarding the secrets of Thor: Love and Thunder, Taika Waititi went on to explain just how bonkers his vision for the sequel is. It’s apparently so crazy that trying to lay it all out on paper is nearly impossible. In his words,

If you wrote down all the elements of this film, it shouldn’t make sense. It’s almost like it shouldn’t be made. If you walked into a room and said, ‘I want this and this and this.’ Who’s in it? These people. What are you going to call it? Love And Thunder. I mean, you’d never work again. Maybe I won’t after this.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to check out Thor: Love and Thunder’s Wikipedia page once it’s released to the masses. That is, as long as Taika Waititi’s career isn’t ruined over his second Marvel flick. But given how much audiences responded to Ragnarok, smart money says the recent Oscar winner is going to do just fine.

As previously mentioned, Marvel fans can’t wait to catch up with the Guardians of the Galaxy in the upcoming Thor sequel. Natalie Portman is also returning to the MCU as Jane Foster, who will transform into Mighty Thor throughout the movie’s runtime.

Thor: Love and Thunder is currently set to arrive in theaters on May 6th, 2022. In the meantime, check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

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