Jada Pinkett Smith Has Shaved Her Head Now, Credits Daughter Willow For The Bold Move

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'Change is good' has become the mantra of millions since 2021 began. But the latest change from The Matrix 4 star Jada Pinkett Smith might be the most drastic so far. The actress’ fresh look stunned and shocked many of her followers and fans. Pinkett Smith revealed her freshly shaved head while crediting her daughter Willow Smith for pushing the bold move.

The Girls Trip star took to Instagram to showcase her new slick look. Jada Pinkett Smith mentioned going into her 50s feeling free after shaving her head. She even shouted out her fellow Red Table Talk co-host and daughter Willow Smith for making the moment happen. To see Pinkett Smith flaunt her shaved head, check out her full Instagram post below:

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Looking at Jada Pinkett Smith’s post paints the picture of a woman who is finally free from societal standards. Being an actress, Pinkett Smith has spent much of her career cutting, dyeing and styling her hair to suit her iconic roles. Now she is free from worrying about the damage her hair might take. Plus, it doesn’t mean her career is done, as wigs and other pieces are a viable option for future roles. But shaving her head has been years in the making.

The actress’ drastic nd fresh look shouldn’t be a surprise to many Red Table Talk fans. Jada Pinkett Smith revealed a few years ago on the Facebook talk show that she had been experiencing hair loss for years. At the time, she had cut her hair rather short, which she has rocked for a few years. Pinkett Smith revealed she had worn wigs in some of her recent projects. Like many actresses, she was attached to her hair as another acting device, so losing her hair was a big deal to her. Now that fear is over as the actress enters her 50s.

It’s nice to know that her daughter Willow Smith helped to push the actress to finally shave her head. Given the younger Smith’s personality, it didn’t seem out of character to have her mother’s back in this decision. The younger Smith is very much about being open and honest about every situation. So it’s no surprise Jada Pinkett Smith leaned on her daughter during this difficult moment.

Jada Pinkett Smith allowed herself to tackle her hair loss and come out on the other side happier. Hopefully she will serve as an inspiration for women and girls when it comes to detaching from vanity.

But this latest development has stopped Jada Pinkett Smith’s decades-long career. Pinkett Smith will pop up in The Matrix 4, which arrive in theaters on December 22, and we'll let you know what other movies or TV shows she ends up joining.

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