Latest Mission: Impossible 7 Image Features The Return Of A Beloved Character

A lot of attention has been paid to the new cast members entering the Mission: Impossible franchise, but that’s not to say the return of old favorites has gone unannounced. Naturally, looks at Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt have been dispersed over time, and even long lost friends like Henry Czerny’s Eugene Kittridge have been revealed as a part of Mission: Impossible 7’s sprawling cast. And now, 2022’s sixth sequel to the famous franchise has given us another look at the return of Rebecca Ferguson, with Ilsa Faust sporting a questionable new accessory.

This new Mission: Impossible 7 photo comes from none other than writer/director Christopher McQuarrie. Sharing another black and white peek tease at next summer’s big thrill ride, we see Ferguson shown from the side, ready for action. And as you’ll see in the Instagram photo below, she’s also wearing an eyepatch over her eyebrow, which certainly inspires speculation:

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This isn’t the first look we’ve seen in the broader scope of Rebecca Ferguson’s return in Mission: Impossible 7. But while past photos were from Ferguson’s own behind the scenes shenanigans, this latest look was given the McQuarrie treatment that so many others have seen. If there isn’t some coffee table book in the works full of the shots that the Mission: Impossible helmer has taken throughout his time on the series, is the franchise really being promoted to its fullest potential?

We still need to talk about that eyepatch though, and the wide variety of reasons as to why Ilsa Faust might be wearing one in Mission: Impossible 7. On the less intense side of things, we have seen that Rebecca Ferguson’s franchise fixture is adept with long range weaponry. So there’s a chance that Ilsa is taking a particularly far shot in the wild, and the eyepatch she’s sporting is in aid of closing in on her kill with great accuracy. However, that almost feels a bit too tidy for a Mission: Impossible movie.

That moves us to the next theory: somehow, Ilsa Faust might get injured in the field, thus leaving her with an injury that may partially blind her. While Rebecca Ferguson’s Mission: Impossible 7 return doesn’t hint at any gory circumstances, that may be a conscious misdirect throwing us all off the scent. No matter the circumstance, this overall look at Ferguson’s latest round of action is exciting for fans of both her filmography, and the Mission: Impossible franchise.

As it stands, we’ll get to see all of Mission: Impossible 7’s secrets when the film opens on May 27, 2022. And your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to check out 2021’s release schedule, in hopes of distracting yourself from this long wait. If you look carefully, you might even find another Rebecca Ferguson movie listed in the August section of this handy timeline.

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