Following Howard The Duck, 6 Offbeat Marvel Characters The MCU Needs To Introduce

Howard The Duck in Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel Studios has given fans more than they ever expected to see on the big screen, even if they've seen it before. Needless to say, more than a few folks were surprised to see Howard The Duck emerge in the MCU after his first romp at theaters, but I want more.

In fact, I fear the brief appearances of Howard The Duck in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and Avengers: Endgame have only tantalized my tastebuds for offbeat Marvel characters and left me with a hunger to see more. Luckily, there's no shortage of ways the MCU could get weird with its characters, and there are plenty of heroes and villains who would absolutely make Howard look like a sane suggestion for a standalone Marvel movie.

Wherewolf By Night Marvel

Werewolf By Night

Yes, Marvel has its own werewolf. Two actually, Jack Russell and Jake Gomez are both cursed with the ability to turn into a werewolf. Russell (real name Jacob Russoff) comes from a long line of werewolves, while Gomez is a boy of Native American descent with the same abilities. Marvel werewolves aren't really different from traditional fictional werewolves, minus the fact that they could fight a superhero or supervillain once in a while.

Who wouldn't want to see a werewolf in the MCU? Honestly, anyone not on board with the idea better fall in line because there's reason to believe one is coming sooner than later. Kevin Smith claimed on Fatman Beyond that when he was originally attached to the Howard The Duck animated series, he learned Marvel had plans for Werewolf by Night, which meant he couldn't use any associated characters. It's possible plans have changed since then though, so we can only continue to wait for the next full moon in the MCU to see if that's true.

Eros or Star Fox Marvel


Marvel movie fans are well familiar with Thanos and all his nastiness, but how much do they know about his sexy brother? Eros, or Starfox (no relation to the Nintendo character) as he's called, got all the looks in the family. Beyond that, he's comparable in powers to that of his brother, though there are a few differences that set him apart.

The biggest of which is that Starfox can manipulate the "pleasure centers" of people's brains and put them in a euphoric state. Yeah, it's a weird power, but you had to think he had some freakiness hidden away considering he's the most normal-looking person in this lineup, right? I could see Starfox making an appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, only because I know Peter would hate him. I mean, provided he's immune to his powers.

Mandrill and Spider-Woman Marvel Comics


When you're born into a world of superheroes, there's always the chance you'll get powers few other people would want. Jerome Beechman is an example of that, as his mutant abilities manifested in a way that resulted in him looking like a mandrill ape. Thus the name Mandrill was born, and the unfortunate history of one of Marvel's most problematic villains.

Mandrill's looks aren't really a problem, but the fact that he uses his pheromones to seduce and control women is. Mandrill can bend most women to his will provided they catch his scent, and he can even keep them under his spell for months at a time. This ability has allowed him to live a polygamist lifestyle, and he's used powerful women in the Marvel universe to commit various nefarious deeds. Mandrill would be perfect fodder for a Deadpool villain because the plot would have to be silly to prevent people from straight up walking out of the theater at the sheer ridiculousness of this villain.

Doop Marvel Comics


There are few characters in the Marvel universe as confusing and as badass as Doop. This mutant is like if Slimer from Ghostbusters was in the MCU, but was also an Omega-powered mutant. Doop is so strong it can defeat a full-strength Thor in a weakened state and even potentially has the power of omniscience. It's certainly not a rare occurrence for a Mutant to be vastly overpowered, but even Doop is on the higher side of that.

Doop's existence is a confusing one, and I'm almost positive we'd never see him in an MCU project. That hasn't stopped me from hoping it'll happen anyway though, because it would be so silly just to see this green blob that could destroy the entire world if it wanted to, but would rather just chill and be a videographer. Hey, not every hero needs to be the most super of superheroes!

Throg in Marvel Comics


You may think you know what Throg is about just by looking at him (especially after Loki Season 1's fifth episode), but I promise there's more to it than that. Throg actually used to be a man named Simon Walterson, who pissed off a witch after he couldn't pay a tab after speaking to his dead wife in the afterlife. He was transformed into a frog and, in a strange twist of events, came across Thor, who had also been turned into a frog. Long story short, Throg wielded a sliver of Mjolnir and gained the power of Thor in his frog form.

It's a crazy story, but one I think the Thor universe is now capable of telling. This is especially true if Taika Waititi is involved in the franchise, and I would love to see what fun he could kick up with Throg if he had a shot at it. Honestly, I just want to see a CGI Thor frog do more than just make a quick cameo, so even if Waititi isn't involved, let's make this happen.

Man-Thing in Marvel


You may look at Man-Thing and think, "Wow he looks a lot like DC's Swamp Thing," and you're more correct than you know. Both characters debuted from their respective brands a month apart, and while Man-Thing came first, it's debatable whether he's reached quite the level of prominence in pop culture as his DC counterpart.

Having said that, DC already blew its chance at making Swamp Thing significant recently, so perhaps it's time for the MCU to bring this guy into the mix. After all, who doesn't want the living embodiment of Earth always lurking around and creeping out heroes and villains when they least expect it with his swamp powers.

I'd love to see all these characters and more in the MCU, but we'll just have to wait and see if it actually happens. For more on Marvel in the meantime, read up on Kevin Feige's latest thoughts on Doctor Strange and the multiverse.

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