Snake Eyes’ Henry Golding Talks Easter Eggs In The G.I. Joe Origin Story

Snake Eyes getting ready to take on enemies in Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins will finally put the beloved title G.I. Joe character in the spotlight. But one question has been lingering: will the film tap into the ultimate amount of source material accessible to it? The film’s lead, Henry Golding, hinted at an overall connection between every facet of the multimedia franchise. The Snake Eyes star spoke on the Easter eggs spread throughout the prequel.

Snake Eyes has so much to draw from, including the long-running comic series, the first two films and countless animated series. Henry Golding knew how important connecting all the branches together would be for fans. Golding said the following about incorporating G.I. Joe’s illustrious mythology into the prequel:

There is a tremendous amount of Easter eggs in the movie itself, with nods to the old films, nods to the comic books of the era. Being an origin story and how we’ve been able to focus on this little portion of the world with these handfuls of amazing characters, it gives you that much sort of presentness to be really enveloped in the story.

Having G.I. Joe Easter eggs spread throughout the film will integrate the lore cultivated over decades of comics and various projects. In the original G.I. Joe films, there were sprinklings of the franchise’s mythology. So Snake Eyes will follow in that tradition while fleshing out a beloved character. As Henry Golding pointed out, drawing from all these sources can only enhance the story and characters. The latest Snake Eyes trailer made the connections noticeably clear.

The Easter eggs can also work in reigniting the G.I. Joe franchise. Along with Snake Eyes, there is a streaming series based on Lady Jaye currently in development at Amazon Studios. With two properties going, it appears Hasbro is placing all its effort into making the dormant franchise profitable once more.

After speaking on the G.I. Joe Easter eggs, the Snake Eyes star gave some insight into his version of the character. Henry Golding revealed to Entertainment Tonight that his portrayal will focus on someone “full of flaws” compared to the more masculine and mysterious Snake Eyes take in the first two G.I. Joe films. Given the film is a prequel, it appears viewers will see how Snake Eyes became the beloved stealthy ninja fans still love. But this angle isn’t a real surprise as seen in the explosive Snake Eyes trailer.

But the trailer hasn’t been the only thing to get moviegoers excited about Snake Eyes. Henry Golding has been hyping fans for months. Whether it’s choreography videos or documenting film re-shoots, the Snake Eyes star has been building anticipation for the prequel. All this hype will pay off when the film arrives in theaters on July 23 after multiple delays over the years. Check out our ticket giveaway to see the film in theaters!

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